New multiplayer gameplay trailer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

PS3-Sense writes: "We have for you the newest gameplay trailer of the upcoming game from EA and Dice. Yes, it's about Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You can see the gameplay trailer of the multiplayer modus from the destructive and funny game about the B-Company."

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snaz273197d ago

i really liked the first one, wish there was more things to do on the multiplayer but it ws still good, might go have a blast on it now as it goes.

bullswar3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Im gonna be the honest .... this game is looooooooooking much much better then MW2 graphics wise ....


LeonSKennedy4Life3197d ago

Did you see the new gameplay trailer of MW2?

I think that looks better.

Honestly though...I don't care. Both of them look pretty good. You can't expect Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 here.

I will probably get BFBC2 and MW2.

maxcer3197d ago

hopefully they include more than one gametype at launch. for a game so heavily based on multiplayer dice dropped the ball with that.

other than wanting more game modes i'll probably pick it up considering i still kinda play BC1

peeps3197d ago

It depends. I wudda been quite happy with just Conquest, so one mode can work. I think their problem was that they only included 1 mode, and it was a new mode to the franchise! i.e. they took out the mode that everyone thinks about when they think of BF! i couldn't believe it at first lol

Sarcasm3196d ago

As broke as I am playing too many games, I'm getting both MW2 and this game.

Put a lot of hours online on COD:MW and BC.

Matpan3196d ago

ThAT looks incredibly well!!! Gosh. They have truly improved! Can´t wait to see more. I will deffinitely get this one.

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peeps3197d ago

hasn't this already been posted? i watched it yesterday on gamespot (where it was originally posted)

maybe i should have posted this on here then :p lol

looking gd anyway. i'm not sure about the modes again tho :( think they're still gonna concentrate on gold rush. It's quite a good mode but i've always preffered conquest and imo should make that the focus

lloyd_wonder3197d ago

Comes out next year. Anyways, looks good.

Crazyglues3197d ago

That looked Amazing... if it is, this is a Day One buy for me.. DAY ONE.

I had so much fun on the first one... this looks Awesome. Just insane..

ericldn3197d ago

...this looks like CGI...I doubt the gameplay will match this video but it's interesting nonetheless.

micro_invader3197d ago

Yeah, it was probably just using some ingame assets, for example the explosions. I doubt we're going to get that quality of animation (car rolling, guys in the building etc.) but still that was one hell of a trailer.

I'm also seeing what I hope are some new gameplay additions; medic revival, planes. I'll watch it again to see if I can spot anything else.

Most likely a day one buy for me, loved the first one.

XPC HARDonE3197d ago

i loved the first one, cant wait for the second one. But unless my eyes are liars that looked like CGI footage and they just tacked on player names at the end. I want to see the game as its being played, that will hype me up. Quite a kerfuffle.

darkgunner3197d ago

That looked way too good to be gameplay.


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