8 new screenshots Modern Warfare 2

New screenshots of Modern Warfare 2.

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table3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Looks good for the most part but that last screenshot looks a bit iffy.

lol at black28... hes going for the disagree record.

black283493d ago

Looks better than Killzone2.

D4RkNIKON3493d ago

OK... He is either Joking, Trolling, or just plain Retarded. These shots are also CG cut scenes. The graphics look only average, and IW's teaser videos show little to NO actual gameplay from the first person perspective. I can already say that this game will not compare to Killzone's graphics. As far as gameplay goes, they better have an actual clan system like killzone or else they fail.

raztad3493d ago


Good one mate, you make me laugh for a while. LMAO

I hope those guys at IW got a lot of gameplay tricks under their sleeves. They gonna need them, graphics are really average after KZ2.

mal_tez923493d ago

I'm not impressed at all by these screenshots. They don't seem to have any graphical advantage over Cod 4 or World at War, and they look weak when compared to Killzone 2 or some othet newer shooters.

Well at least we can still hope for it to be a special game. Cod 4 was excellent but there are many ways to improve upon it, and that's what I'm hoping this game will do. I just want it to be a great advancement like Cod 4 was, not a game that plays the same as its predecessor like World at War does.

D4RkNIKON3493d ago

Some one on comment 14 stated that they may be using the COD4 engine, and if that is the case.. With graphics like that, and a repeat engine from COD4, I am not sure this will be ground breaking material. and again, I hope I am wrong.

WhittO3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

have to say, looks bare compared to what im used to with Killzone 2, theres no atmosphere and effects that make it seem real.

I feel sorry that the snow in MW2 will be compared to Uncharted 2 haha, they have no chance.

Also, anyone think COD WAW looks better than this ?

table3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

guys just wait for the final game to judge it. I garuntee it will look better than CoD4(which still looks good btw) even if they are using the same engine but I agree it won't match KZ2. This game is more about the gameplay anyway so I don't mind if the graphics are not pushing the bounderies like some ps3 exclusives are.

Arn't naughty dog using the same engine for Uncharted2? Just shows that you can make substantial updgrades with the same engine.

pshizle3492d ago

one of the most overated games ever.

Masta_fro3492d ago

you're an idiot to say that...

does halo 3 ring any bells?
how bout grand theft auto 4?

you dumb sh!t at least KZ2 was good.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

PS3 fans will say nothing looks better than Killzone 2 even though the whole gaming world has passed em up, and will keep passing em up. For the next "10yrs" they will say "Nothing looks better than Killzone 2" because they hate defeat.

MW2 does look better and since it's multiplatform, it shows what can still be done on consoles. These MW2 screens just make PS3 fans eat words that tase nasty, like rotten sushi. First it was RE5 now it's MW2, I can't wait untill E3. I wonder what spin and excuses they will come up with then? good times.

Bubble Buddy3492d ago

^ actually, I'm pretty sure Uncharted 2 is gonna look better than K2. Then maybe GOW3 will look better than U2, then....

Notice how games that look the best are usually exclusive and first-party studios. That's one thing I love about Sony. They keep pushing first-party development.

redsquad3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I'f sure you'll be saying that (or at least desperately wishing it) for every single multiplatform that comes out now.

and @ Pshizle 1.9, not only is that so far off topic that it suggests at some bizarre obsession on youir part, but it's also quite, quite inaccurate.

Oh, and these screenshots look sub-MW 1, but as they're exactly that: Screenshots, I'll extend them the courtesy of the benefit of the doubt.

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za3redrum3493d ago

Just some video captures. Not ingame.

Dave20093493d ago

Looks better then Killzone 2 and this is a multi platform game which proves that the 360 can do Killzone 2 graphics and more.

peeps3493d ago

hmm sounds like you're lookin for a reaction more than anything. Good luck though cus i'm sure someone will give it you :p at least ur in the right zone

BYE3493d ago

Your mom looks better than Killzone 2

TheBand1t3493d ago

PC version more than likely.

xbollox3492d ago

and then you wake up and you cry, xb!tch

trancefreak3492d ago

To all you xbox fans who think this game is better playing and looking than killzone 2 forget the fact that ps3 and pc owners will be playing the better more detailed version.

Xbox fans please stop acting like this game is an xbox exclusive.

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cmacdonald3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Those are PC shots from the picture info. Don't get fooled people.

1539px × 862px (scaled to 595px × 333px)

peeps3493d ago

kinda worrying if they're pc cus the pc version will look better than it's console counterparts

techie3493d ago

They are captures from the GT trailer...pretty cheap to do that on a website and claim them as your own.