Warhawk trailer

This is the new Warhawk trailer recently released on the US Playstation Store.

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JOLLY14279d ago

No, the graphics aren't spectacular, and I think motion sensing is a joke, but I think this game might actually have a good thing going for it. It looks like it may be fun. I obviously don't know that for a fact, but it looks like it may be entretaining. There is a lot more action there than in motorstorm and ps3 people like that action. So, they may be on to something there.

fenderputty4279d ago

I actually like it A LOT. It's fun as hell in Motorostorm. It just took some getting used to. Flow is interesting too. I agree that it's use as of now is limited but, I think Lair will also add to it's value. It seems to me that it would work well with flying games. Who knows ehh!?!?!

wildcat4279d ago

I actually think Warhawk will be perfect for the tilt-functionality, it probably works the best with flying games.

God of Gaming4279d ago

Looks pretty good.. Perfect for a downloadable multiplayer game.

VirtualGamer4279d ago

One thing I really love about the PS3 is that instead of watching such a small video like this on my PC, I can watch it full screen at 1080p on my 50" HDTV which is so much better!

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