Capcom fixing Tatsunoko vs Capcom flaw

Many owners of the Japanese TvsC have struggled with glitches in the title but the American release will fix this problem.
Capcom's Seth Killian explains.

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ultra643494d ago

I want this game so bad. I was more excited for this game than Street Fighter 4.

Product3494d ago

Completely agree. I wonder what character changes wil happen for the American release due to licensing?

ultra643494d ago

Bring me more Darkstalker characters.

Product3494d ago

Damn!! Capcom needs to bring another Darkstalkers to home consoles

ceedubya93494d ago

is definitely sittin on a potential pile of cash with their back catalog of franchises that they have just sitting around.

How many times have we heard the cry for another:

RE2 Remake?
Dino Crisis?
Power Stone?
Rival Schools?

I'm sure that they'll wake up and smell the coffee sooner or later if they learn anything from the recent releases of RE5 and SF4, and the upcoming MvC2 which will undoubtedly sell well.

JoySticksFTW3494d ago

I am biased (note my pic), but any kid that watched cartoons back in the late 70's / early 80's may recognize BotP.

You'll only recognize the other Tatsunoko competitors if you're a hardcore anime lover / historian.

SinnedNogara3493d ago

What they need is online mode!! I want to pwn all of you with crazy Japanese named guy.

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FinalomegaS3494d ago

BUT I want a release date, so I can at least have a clear view of when I will be broke!

bigjclassic3494d ago

If they added online and new characters i wouldn't be too bumbed out about importing it since I had it forever now. But I remeber reading that a TvC2 may be dropping in Japan this year, so while NA will be just getting TvC1, ill be importing TvC2.

Always import.

Dir_en_grey3494d ago

as much as it's broken.
So many characters have infinites, you'll say that's ok because they have burst. There are also 1 combo kills, which doesn't build your bar enough to burst. Wanna used your existing bar to burst? Use it because you will have to or die, but get ready to be killed the next combo. What am I kidding, yes there are $hit loads of glitches too.
That's why this game died in the Japanese arcades, but I guess it's fun for the average non fighting game players just because you can use the characters you like.

njd823494d ago

Soo.....they're gonna put it on PS3 and 360?

N4g_null3494d ago

It not being on the HD systems would be a flaw in the HD systems, dev cost and no one wanting fighters.

njd823494d ago

I don't care who disagrees to my original comment but I'm sorry, the major flaw with this game is the platform its on and its ridiculous controllers.

Dir_en_grey3494d ago

because this game bombed hard in the Japanese arcades. No point in them porting it cuz barely anybody would get it in Japan. I doubt there are enough fans in US to make it otherwise.
If they really do an major fix I would want it on a next-gen system though.

FinalomegaS3493d ago

do you really believe that's the reason they won't port it to the HD systems?

Last i checked it was wii exclusive and made for that system, can't that little ol system have one or 2 exclusive games?

it sold 100k+ in japan how much did sf4 sell again?

if you have no intention of getting the "fixed NA" version why talk it down.

The classic controller will do just fine.

SinnedNogara3493d ago

The Classic and GameCube Controllers (the normal ones) are compatible with the game.

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devilhunterx3494d ago

The biggest glitch is that its not on the PSN :(

njd823494d ago

As I've put in the gamer zone, this game would have done a lot better on either Ps3 or the 360.

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