Empire: Total War Expansion Explained

IncGamers report the details of the new units The Creative Assembly are releasing for upcoming patch.

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thetamer3195d ago

Awesome, it's a good thing someone checked this ;)

Leord3195d ago

Oh, I like that Russian Grenader unit!

There is just something very cool about these old timing explosive guys :P

thetamer3195d ago

I'd like point out that the Russians are not as good as some other races at exploding stuff :P

No, this should be awesome, plus all the units are going to be re-drawn too to represent the faction, which is great news. I want to fight with the Turks now. That should look amazing.

Fyzzu3195d ago

Ooh nice. I do love a bit of Empire. Might reinstall it when this patch hits.

thetamer3195d ago

Worth doing. I've still not played the Road to Independence fully, but I love that game sooo much.

AndyA3195d ago

I keep finding myself going back to Empire. Great game.

Leord3195d ago

I don;t even have it =P

Is it worth picking up in a bargain bin?

Cogo3195d ago

Yeah, if you don;t have it, it's well worth a few quid.

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Leord3195d ago

We'll see how the other 10 units pan out. Making huge changes in any game that requires balance is usually a bad idea. That's why we see so many minuscule changes in WoW class stats.

Daz3195d ago

THis game is really good. cant wait or the expansion.

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