FUEL Officially set to Feature Biggest Game World Ever

It covers the approximate area of Trinidad & Tobago, it's larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, St Lucia and the Isle of Man put together. Innovative open-world racer FUEL – launching on June 5th for the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and with a Games For Windows edition to follow - boasts 5,560 square miles of accessible in-game terrain, making it officially the largest playable environment in a console game ever.

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OlvaR3492d ago

can't WAIT i hope everything to go well with fuel!

chrisnick3492d ago

hey im from trinidad!!!....damn, now i have to pick this up.

darkgunner3492d ago

I'm still unsure about this game, I'm gonna go read up on it.

*Hopes for a demo soon*

devilhunterx3492d ago

so you got to drive for about 30 mins before anything exciting happen?

xbollox3492d ago

it's a new style pioneered by mass effect:

as a dev, it takes 3 lines of code to make your world 10x bigger and in return you get 10x more gameplay time for the chimps who like to chat a lot and don't mind wandering for hours over miles of landscape that's boring as SH!T

biggest game world for morons
lol, that sh!t makes we wanna play motorstorm PR tonight

MaximusPrime_3492d ago

is this bigger than test drive unlimited?

I want to try out a demo and see whats this hype is all about

creeping judas3492d ago

If I recall correctly TDU was appx. 2000sq miles large. But you could not drive every where.

Though it was fun to take a Koenigg out in to the woods for ships and giggles!!

3492d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.