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The first mission started with you escorting a train with civilians inside to safety while it stopping every 100 ft. to make you get off and fight. The second mission involves you going through numerous enemies again because the Reapers are contaminating the water supply. Another one involves you protecting a load of medical supplies while fighting off numerous enemies again. The last mission has you hunt down a Reaper van and destroy it and fight off numerous enemies again.

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villevalorox3498d ago

they kinda make it sound really repetitive, It's not as much as i thought it would have been. Hmm. 1st isn't every games based on Kill, defend, or what not, then advance and do it all again?

any way yes the demo was amazing, very long for a demo. and big. :D
It's a buy for me. hmm now all i need is 65$ :(

hatchimatchi3498d ago

thank god this demo impression finally came out

who needs all the full reviews of the game that have been released....

Silly gameAr3497d ago

I can't stop playing the demo. It's fun as hell. The full game will be pretty addictive.

Astromage3497d ago

While combat was very satisfying and fast-paced.. for me, the biggest flaw was running around the city. The hover power is cool, but it doesn't cover enough distance to be useful.

Another thing was the climbing. I like that you can grab onto most things, but I really think Cole needs a few more powers when it comes to travelling. Take a look at how your able to jump long distances into the air and jump long distances after running in Spider-Man 2. They could have made it so that.. I don't know.. after a couple of seconds running, Cole's able to activate the electricity around his legs allowing him to be accelerated after a jump.

I just hope he gains more powers throughout the game for more fluid movement.

ravinash3497d ago

I think these abilities improve as he learns his powers through out the game. Bit hard to tell from the demo about how this progresses, but its safe to safe that what powers he does have will not be full power at the start.

badbond13497d ago

the day it comes out. I love to support a system that gives you quality exclusives and this game has a great storyline, above ave. graphics with great lighting, and great controls. XBOTS NEED TO TRADE THEIR SYSTEMS IN IMMEDIATELY!

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