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I did not murder him3008d ago

I just seen this on the site. Isn't this in one of the other teaser posts? I don't even read them all there is so many coming in.

The_Firestarter3008d ago

I'm sorry, but I find it strange to see you have been the only commenter so far, yet you already accumulated 5 disagrees. Strange.

I admit, I don't agree with much you have to say, but I find that to be an oddity. O_o

I did not murder him3008d ago

Same here I don't agree with you much either but I'm glad you see the abuse of power on this site.

I was just in the Konami teaser site and seen the latest update. I assumed one of the N4G teaser articles already had this info because of the amount of these coming in so often. I actually had 7 bubbles and I posted screenshots of games and in few hours was down to 3. Some of the people after me have around 5 to 6 accounts each.

ultimolu3008d ago

Multiple accounts on both sides, that's what it is. I don't agree with you much either but that's a bit insane you accumulated disagrees like that already.

Someone must really hate you.

table3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Everyone really hates him... and with good cause.

SL1M DADDY3008d ago

Indeed. People that know him simply hit disagree because he has a reputation of doing the same to others. Your rep will follow you around here at N4G as well will the disagree's.

As for the teaser, it is getting silly to me. I'll just wait until E3 to see what the master, Kojima has in store for us gamers.

Kurylo3d3008d ago

Well how about me? I have 1 freakn bubble. What did i ever do to anyone... I went from the starting point of like 6 to 1 bubble... all in 1 post... It was something negative about sony that i had said. I dont really care enough about n4g to make another account.. espeacially after that... its just i surf this site sometimes, and every now and then i like to stick up for a developer. I dont mind people disagreeing with me, but n4g should remove this bubble system. If someone disagrees with you they shut u up permanently ... espeacially if its something u dont like about a sony title. Even if you are right in what you say lol.

raztad3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I didnt disagree with him, but that guy is extremely annoying. Just a blind fanboy.

I hope all those teasers translate in something exciting when all is said. I dont mind at all if 360 fans get "teh movie" as they used to call MGS4, but I want to see something new from Kojima for PS3 fans. I'll be extremely happy if he does some mecha game, Rex vs Ray was really awesome :D

Halo3 MLG Pro3008d ago

Seems like 360 fans have less than 5 bubbles and sony fans have more than 5 bubbles. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder which fanboys have the most duplicate accounts??? :/

gamesmaster3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

why are you so whiny? people have less bubbles because their comments are of low quality and have little insight. try contributing something to the discussion which is both balanced and enthusiastic and you might get some bubbles.

on topic, i'm very surprised i though kojima was done with snake.

xwabbit3008d ago

Yah i did not murder him is so delusional its not funny anymore its sad

beardpapa3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Well he'll be getting disagrees if he makes a comment like this:

"I just seen this on the site. Isn't this in one of the other teaser posts? I don't even read them all there is so many coming in."

Why bother commenting if you don't even read them all. Why this one?

And add to that he has to be a liar for saying this:

"I actually had 7 bubbles and I posted screenshots of games and in few hours was down to 3. Some of the people after me have around 5 to 6 accounts each."

Because when I first saw the name and his offensive post, I didn't recognize this particular user so I checked it out and found he was relatively new (created several hours ago, lower score than mine). Problem was he had even more bubbles than me (the 5 std bubbs for newbies) for such a new account. Now you guys can disagree with me if you like, but as a general reader of this site, that was my observation.

40cal3008d ago

Whats up bro? I have 9 bubbles and one account. When you post comments that are opinion based with no factual premise then you bubbles get eaten. When you actually have something to contribute to a conversation then you get more bubbles.

I have seen a lot of the post that you and murder put up, with all the fanboy post you guys put up are you really surprised?

ultimolu3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Halo, that's not true at all and you know it.
It's like what 40Cal said.

Halochampian3007d ago

well.. I can say that Halo is kinda right. I have seen some pretty bad Sony fanboys with 6 bubbles and wonders how it ever happens.

But yea... the amount of disagrees he got was insane. I never see that on a Sony fanboy without many agrees to go along with it.

DaTruth3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

LoL at I did not murder him! First day he was here, he bubbled himself up with his POG and Why Dis accounts. Then proceeded to wander into every PS3 article and spew garbage about the PS3. He's the 360 fanboy equivalent of Nasim; That dude can't comment once, everyone knows the from the first comment he's Nasim.

Funny thing is, Nasim is a PS3 fanboy and he gets bubbled down in seconds by PS3 owners.

phosphor1123007d ago

I have 5 bubbles, and I tend to lean towards PS3, though when I'm not mad, I try to be unbiased lol.

I have to say, while I don't agree with you or I Did Not most the time, it's nice to be able to reply to a post that isn't always "Agree agree agree".

GarandShooter3007d ago

'Seems like 360 fans have less than 5 bubbles and sony fans have more than 5 bubbles.'

As of right now, Halo3MLGPro you have 6 bubbles...guess you must be a 'Black Ops' PS3 fanboy, right?

BLuKhaos3007d ago to explain why I have three bubbles instead of +5? typical dumb Xboxer.

TheAntiFanboy3007d ago

I'm the Anti Fanboy. How many bubbles do I get? :D

Halo3 MLG Pro3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Show me one post that came out fanboyish from my history. It's pretty obvious that the rabid sony fanboys here have numerous accounts and add to sony supporters. It really is plain as light. You call me a fanboy? Why? Just cuz I have Halo 3 in my title?

DominusRebellis3002d ago


Do people really make multiple accounts? Don't you need a new email for each account? Who has the time or life to do that? WTF?

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Shadow Man3008d ago

I want metal gear solid on my 360.

Hydrolex3008d ago

maybe you dream about it !

Dont wet dream about it though, like a dream Sneak is on top of you and bumping your butt and you say I want this on my 3600000000 aaaaaahooooooo 360000000 awooooooooooo

Hydrolex3008d ago

you can have my dik on your 360 but it doesn't fit ! DVD is not enough Ahahaha

Algullaf3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

WTF is wrong with buying ps3? ha
u want to play metal gear buy ps3 end of the story.

edit: damn less then 3 sec i refresh i saw degree 0.0 bots working really hard

Shadow Man3008d ago

Is to expensive for me, I have to pay for college. I want a price drop of 100 dollars.

NewZealander3008d ago

as a 360 owner why wouldnt you want MGS to come to xbox?

i mean just because you own a 360 doesnt mean your a fanboy, MGS has always been a great franchise, i played most of the previous games and loved them, if rumours are true and we get a 360 version then i will be verry happy.

NewZealander3008d ago

fully agree shadow, ive got nothing against ps3, but supporting one console costs enough, i want to see a decent price cut first, nothing wrong with that.

pwnsause3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

"Is to expensive for me, I have to pay for college. I want a price drop of 100 dollars."

I bought a PS3 and Im in college, stop the Bulls**t and get a job.

PopEmUp3008d ago

What are you talking about, your Daddy paying your college fees :P

P.s Get a Job end of Shadow Man Story =D

AngryTypingGuy3008d ago

Shadow Man, if MSG4 doesn't come out for the 360 and you want to play it so bad, just take some money out of each pay check and put it in an envelope. You'll have enough money for a PS3 before you know it.

I want to play MSG4 on my 360 too, but if it doesn't ever come out for it, then oh well. I accepted the fact a long time ago that unless I'm willing to buy both a 360 and a PS3, there will be great games that I miss every once and awhile. Since both consoles come out with great games faster than I can play them and beat them, I can't really justify buying both right now, especially when most games are available on both.

jBat173007d ago

it's a good for nothing POS.. no games, live subs.. RRoD.. unbelievable what these xbots go through and still stick with the inferior console.. i guess it's hard to be stuck with the wrong choice..

AngryTypingGuy3007d ago

JBat, seams like there's plenty of great games out to me. Not to mention, I'm sure there'll be a few surprises in store for E3. The 360 isn't inferior at all. It plays most games better than the PS3, has better antialiasing for less jaggies, and in many peoples opinions it has better exclusives and Live service. Not to mention it's awesome if you subscribe to NetFlix. Just because you prefer the PS3 doesn't mean the 360 is a POS.