OXCGN's Forza 3 Pre E3 News Update


"Forza 3 Le Mans Announcement 12th June 09?

Will Forza 3 include this famous circuit, and be announced on the 12th June, the day before the famous race? My educated guess is – YES. And it will be announced after the title has most likely been "officially confirmed" at E3.

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gaminoz3497d ago

That this game was probably being announced at E3 isn't a big surprise, but when it is to come out will be interesting.

Still no GTV in sight? Will there be a release date on that one either?

Forrest Gump3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Of course there will be a release date for the top selling racing franchise of all time,what's the rush for GT5 when they're selling Millions of copies of GT5s demo :) ?

Hydrolex3497d ago Show
XboxOZ3603497d ago

Two things mate,

1) REAL racing fans don't give a rats arse as to which game it is, so long as it provides and excellent experiences, and is fun playing it, irrespective of platform.

2) A true racing fan loves GAMES, not the name of the platform attached to it. There are many sub-genres of racing games, and both Forza 2/3 and GT series belong in the same one. If you want REAL sims, then dicth both the 360 (yes, you heard it from me) and the PS3 and get a solid PC sims rig, then let's see which games give you a "proper simulation of racing experience" It won't be EITHER of the consoles, that's for sure.

So in short, grow up.;

Immortal Kaim3497d ago

Agree with OZ. Give it a break Hydro...

Hydrolex3497d ago Show
XboxOZ3603497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

It is ppl like you mate that give N4g a bad rep globally, keep that stuff for the section provided, or don't say anything . .

You don't see me in the GT5 posts or the Sony post having a go at their titles, no - you don't - do you!

So take some advice, do grow up .. act like an adult, not a 5yr old that's been told he can't play with his favourite toy. And make the comments where you're supposed to, and make comments befitting an adult - if possible

Matpan3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Forrest Gump... you are on a payrole, right? hahahah
anyways, I only picture everything you say in forrest gump´s character and always have a laugh. Probably that ius what made it sound for me as if you where paid to say so :P you know, like when forrest ardvertises the ping pong rackets XD

@Hydrolex... So what? Does that mean that there is no chance for someone coming after them to make an excellent on-par game? I tell ya what, call every studio making any future realistic racing sim and tell them to cancel their projects! there surely will be a GT6... too bad someday those guys will die of aging.. then we will be left with the old GT games. That will surely sufice right? :P

Anyways... I quite don´t like this racers, I am in for the more arcady ones :). But they do look great :D

DelbertGrady3497d ago

It shows that you are one of Hiphopgamers minions. Your knowledge about games is as limited as your knowledge about anything else.

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XboxOZ3603497d ago

My educated guess is 11th - 12th Nov 2009 for forza 3 and December (prior to Xmas for GT5 . . . If it goes into 2010, Sony fans will be ropeble, and I wouldn't blame them actually.

gambare3497d ago

any info about number of tracks and cars? There is a rumor about weather effects running among time changes during the race but it's not confirmed yet.

XboxOZ3603497d ago

The reason I say Nov 11th or 12th is that that date falls inline with both US and Australasian release days/periods.

November 11th or there abouts each year has been the date on which major 1st party titles have been release without fail since 2002, more so since 2005,

It's towards the end of their financial year, which is when they push sales to garner more stats for shareholders and stock shares.

Gears of War, Gears Of War 2, Forza 2, Halo, 2 3 and others have appeared at that time.

Their other release period is March April, but it's HIGHLY unlikely that it will be that far off, given that the various graphics companies have been briefed on the ad campaigns.

These campaigns take 3- 4 months to bring together, which involve not only normal gaming areas, but huge publicity pushes like the Forza 2 race track proving grounds last time which took 3 months to film and develop.

Local Automiotive groups here have been briefed on the promotions which will take a few months to get into gear, and get moving to begin BEFORE release, and culminate on release.

These things take a LOT of pre-organizing, months of it in fact. It's NOT just about when a game is finished by the developer.

Without the promotion, you cpould deliver a game and no one would know aboout it. Having been involved in promotions in the past, I know the lead up times required for these things, and this feels just about spot on time wise.

Officially announcing it at E3 in the Keynote on June 1st (OXCGN will be there btw), then showing it off to the press in E3 Proper on June 2-4th inclusive. Then fronting it in Pre Race announcements at the 24hr Le Mans which garners world wide publicity from the RACING elite, and general racing fans, makes absolutely perfect marketing sense.

Anyone that says otherwise knows nothing about the industry.

I did not murder him3497d ago

"Rumours continue to trickle in regarding Forza Motorsport 3, the next instalment of the hugely-popular racing series from developer Turn 10.

We've been told to expect hundreds of cars and tracks, and industry sources have hinted at a Q4 2009 release. However, fans of the series - myself included - have yet to get their hands on any concrete information and we're left scouring Turn 10's weekly pitpass report in the hope of new information.

Way back in July 2008, Forza Motorsport community manager Che Chou managed to catch our attention by stating that Turn 10's "software architects have figured out ways to push the 360 in ways I didn't think were possible in terms of both visuals and performance."

This week, he's at it again and states in his latest pitpass report that progress on Turn 10's next game continues, and that fans are likely to appreciate what they see when the game is unveiled.

Elaborating just a touch, Che points out that he has been "spending quite a lot of time just admiring the game from a visual standpoint", adding that "the past few weeks have seen the graphics really come into its own".

Having been absent from pitpass reports in recent weeks, Che states "my focus has been solely on our future project, making sure that we deliver on our aspirations for what we think are some pretty awesome community features and ways for those who love cars (and speedboats/helicopters) to interact with each other. Secrecy being what it is, now is obviously not the time to divulge such details. Besides, when we do announce our next game and show you what it looks like, it’ll be done with a bang, not just the whimper of a blog post."

The wait just doesn't seem to end, and though we're itching to put rubber on the tracks of Forza Motorsport 3, we're ever-so-slightly worried about Che's mention of speedboats and helicopters - here's hoping that's little more than a joke.

Summing up the future project's visuals, the Turn 10 team tells us it's spending plenty of time with the game's photomode, and captures from the latest build are described simply as a "portfolio of car porn".

Although release dates remain unknown, we're expecting 2010 to be a scorching year for race fans - after all, we might just see the Xbox 360's Forza Motorsport 3 and PlayStation 3's Gran Turismo 5 race into stores around the same time. Judging by Turn 10's latest comments, the Forza team is doing its utmost to match - or, perhaps, surpass - Gran Turismo's dazzling visuals."

beardpapa3497d ago


Yea we haven't really gotten any info. I hope it's a decent change like Forza 1->2. What I really want is in-c0ckpit view and maybe some more tracks. Loved the customization options in F2 and the custom paint jobs, though it'd be nice if they give us more tools rather than using shapes. I wonder what crazy designs the Japanese players will make for the auction when F3 hits. I remember bidding on an itasha ferrari only to have to go back in the game for several more races for credits. Got beat and had to settle for an itasha mini cooper. =T It was cheaper.

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I did not murder him3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Can't win Le Mans in any racing game that has it, I'm talking can't get out of last place. I'v been trying to beat Grid for months and the last race is one vs one on Le Mans I can't even keep the car on the track.

gaminoz3497d ago

I'm pretty shocking in most driving games, let alone simulator types.

Superfragilistic3497d ago

GRID is awesome. But the Le Mans at the end of the season always had a habit of turning me off the game.

I did not murder him3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I need to buy a good wheel I stopped playing Forza 2 when my triggers got worn out and lost some play in the analog/sensitivity needed to drive the cars. Never got around to it.

Uncle Rico3497d ago

Check out the fanatec wheels

XboxOZ3603497d ago

Le Mans is a hard track to beat for ANY driver, let alone a gaming race driver.

Check out the 1971 MOvie of the same name with Steve McQueena dn you'll see why. A boys movie for sure, but excellent nevertheless.

There are 2 gaming wheel distributors heading to E3, and OXCGN is planning oh=n having a chat with them if at all possible.

SO there could be a 3rd party Forza wheel in the works. WHich is HIGHLY LIKELY, give MS has dumped production on their own wheel in fovour of 3rd party items. Makes more sense to leave speciality items to the specialists.

360 man3497d ago

@ uncle rico

its an audi R8

Ldubbz3497d ago

I cant race for that long! IMO, GRID is the best racer out there.

PGR3 was great, though I found PGR4 to be good, but not great. I havent been into the more sim racers since GT2 though....too much time. BUt this new Forza could change things...

I still have fond memories of picking up GT1 on PS right when it came out. I remember saying "TWO manuals?!" But that Skip Barber training was infinitely helpful. I was a better racer at every game after that, and it even I think made me a better driver once I got a license. Unlock 60FPS mode FTW!

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4Sh0w3497d ago

I demand Forza3 this year, Period.

Superfragilistic3497d ago

Perhaps ask Santa Clause... I hear he'll be around about the same time. ;)

Uncle Rico3497d ago

Santa is bringing it this december hopefully

XboxOZ3603497d ago

I think Santa is coming early this year mate, by about one month and 12 days. But don't quote me on that.

Forrest Gump3497d ago

Hasn't it been confirmed Forza 3 is out this year,on 2 DVDs I might add?

XboxOZ3603497d ago

Mate, I think I'd know if it was - which it is . . I fthey are ramping up for both advertizing, giving assets to print companies, briefing promotional companies, tyhen it's out this year.

And yes yes, PRG4 and Red Faction Guerilla were "supposed to be 2 discs to - what happened there hmmm . .

Read the article then comment, not the other way around mate!

NegativeCreepWA3497d ago

How many GT games were on two disks?

PirateThom3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Only Gran Turismo 2 back on PlayStation.

1 disc for Gran Turismo mode (single player), 1 disc for Arcade mode (multiplayer).

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