PS3 owners shouldn't buy Fallout 3 DLC

You might think to yourselves, dear PS3 owners, that you've waited long enough and want to buy that DLC right away. But not so fast!

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Cookigaki3015d ago

Fallout 3 best non-ninja game in next gen.

Twizlex3015d ago

I foresee a few disagrees in your future... but not from me at least.

Vault Boy3015d ago

Well obviously I'm not going to disagree lol!

h0tz0rz3015d ago

Ya know, I really liked the game but PS3 owners kinda get shafted with the DLC. I think we should just not buy it out of spite.

Milk is for Babies3015d ago

Game of the Year edition would be great for christmas. They get to sell the game through 2 holidays instead of just 1.

L80BelfDK3015d ago

I don't think I could wait to play the DLC even though we had to wait this long for it to come out in the first place. I want it asap.

Omegasyde3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I would save purchasing the expansions for when there is gaming drought.

The Ps3 won't really have a gaming drought outside of FPS.

EDIT: Actually, July for the North America won't really have any game worth playing. Perhaps buy it then?

Twizlex3015d ago

Actually, I'd wait until October :)

sonarus3015d ago

Didn't buy for 360 won't be buying for PS3

bunbun7773015d ago

Based on what I have heard about the first two packs, and that the third one will bump it to 30, I will probably wait till all 3 packs are available, hopefully discounted.

See you all have good reasons to dismiss exclusive DLC and Beth-- but Fallout 3 to me is a great game, and with possible trophy support.... you can bet your a$$ i will buy~

BLuKhaos3015d ago

I wasn't planning on buying the DLC anyways.Now when does the "Game of the Year" version come out again?

Immortal Kaim3015d ago

Here is an idea, if you enjoy the game and want to expand on it, buy the DLC. If you don't care about Fallout 3 or don't want to expand on it, don't buy the DLC. Simple really...

Hellsvacancy3015d ago

All of it - i loved Fallout 3 :-)

caladbolg7773015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Good article. Good read. Good suggestion. But I'd even take it a step further. I'll buy the GOTY edition USED from the bargain bin in 2010.

pixelsword3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Did they even fix that bug where you couldn't return to the rest of the world after accepting that last mission on the PS3?

You'd probably get the DLC and would have to start from scratch just to play it.

Best $60 I never spent.

Has anyone even heard of this website until they clicked on this link?

I haven't.

Well anyways, if it floats your boat, shove off and get the DLC.

I may get Fallout 3... in 2010.

December 2010 perhaps.

SL1M DADDY3015d ago

I might as well wait for the compilation version to come out then buy it used a few months later. Sorry, but the way Bethesda has been treating PS3 owners lately, I could give a spit about them. Heck, I played their other titles on the Xbox and Xbox 360 but the way they have treated PS3 owners makes me sick.

xwabbit3015d ago

Im not buying it that's 4 sho

Bgibbs3015d ago

It's not a bug, if you chose to be the hero and go in, you die, they stated that pretty clearly in the text in that part. If you send someone else in, you can continue the game. Also, with the broken steel DLC, you can send in Fawkes and no one dies =]. (PC [email protected], not 360)

tordavis3015d ago

If you don't buy it, you are justifying Bethesda's reason to make the DLC a timed exclusive.

poopface13015d ago

NO CRAP, really. You Never wanted to play the game so im not surprised you wouldnt want it. I rented fallout 3 on 360 last year and I really liked it. I havent purchased the DLC because I dont even have the game.

But if you enjoyed F3 then I dont see why you would not even be happy to get the opportunity. I wouldnt buy the DLC because Id rather wait on the edition with it all on the disk. But from what Ive seen this is actually some good DLC. If your a fan of the game It seems like a good deal.

I would have waited to get the 3rd one anyway before geting the other 2, since you have a higher level cap. If you can wait(or have to wait) then its probably better to get tham all together for cheaper someday anyway.

Like some of you Ill probably buy the GOTY edition with all the DLC included. But if you a fan of the game youll probably buy it, but if your a fanboy then you flame bethesda all day long regardless of if you even liked fallout 3.

Better late than never. Mabe itll be a little cheaper for the ps3 guys. That would be nice.

The Lazy One3015d ago

is the PS3 GOTY edition going to have the 360 content included?

Sarcasm3015d ago

"If you don't buy it, you are justifying Bethesda's reason to make the DLC a timed exclusive. "

I agree and disagree. If they released the DLC on time without this stupid "exclusive" nonsense, maybe they would have sold more DLC on the PS3 version as well?

However, now that it's too late for that. Yeah if PS3 owners don't buy the DLC, Bethesda will see it as a lost profit or wasted effort.

But it's really a lose-lose situation since they made it "exclusive" in the first place. So who's to blame for low sales of the DLC? Bethesda themselves.

Don't make it like it's the gamers fault.

budbundystyles3015d ago

How do you figure? Bethesda knew PS3 owners would wait til GOTY edition, that's what your saying? Based off of what exactly?

n to the b3015d ago

@Cookigaki: does the lvl 18 Ninja Perk count though? ;)

@all of u who said u love Fallout 3: agrees all around! check out my comments over there >>>, if u are on the fence about the DLC and want to know a little bit more. ...if u dare to visit the Open Zone, that is! MWAHAHA!! :)

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Vault Boy3015d ago

That's actually a good idea. If I didn't already buy some of the DLC for the 360 version, I might wait also.

PirateThom3015d ago

If they make the saves for the regular edition carry over to the GOTY edition, it would probably sell a ton more.

Twizlex3015d ago

Do you know that they won't carry over or are you just stating an opinion?

Vault Boy3015d ago

Nooooo, that would suck!

PirateThom3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Just stating an opinion. I don't think the Oblivion GOTY carried over saves, sadly.

To Vault Boy: In theory, but I've played the game through about three times now, so I'd like to be able to jump straight into the "DLC", if you know what I mean...

Twizlex3015d ago

Ah, well there's still a glimmer of hope then.

Vault Boy3015d ago

I was actually saying it would suck if the saves didn't carry over. Sorry if that didn't come across properly. I definitely agree with you.

PirateThom3015d ago

Oh, sorry, with you now! :P

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ThatCanadianGuy3015d ago

I would have bought it if it came out around the same time as 360's version.But im done with Fallout 3 now, got my platinum, i'm happy.

Whatever DLC i missed and future DLC to come, Bethesda can shove right up their ***

Vault Boy3015d ago

Awww, come on, guy! You know you want to experience that DLC.