G4TV: Meet The Feed: Patrick Klepek--News Editor

G4TV writes: "Q: You've been doing this for a long, long time. Do tell: how'd you get started?

A: "Incredible parents. To this day, I don't know I convinced my parents that flying to Atlanta, Georgia to attend E3 1998 -- the same one where Metal Gear Solid was unveiled for the first time -- was a good idea. My parents must have figured, "what kid is mumbling about career opportunities at 14? May as well indulge him this once." I was "writing" about games for a website I believe was called Gamerz Online. An era where the tacked-on "z" was cool. Or maybe it wasn't. Anyway, that one-time indulgence became an annual event in my life. E3 is where I met lifelong friends and colleagues -- such as Mr. Andrew Pfister."

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Forrest Gump3497d ago

Yeah,this is the same numbskull that said Gran Turismo lacks brand power.