PSP Getting More Digital Content?

It looks like the PSP will be joining the digitally distributed content arms race, as sources this week are claiming that the Sony handheld is developing a vested interest in not one but two new avenues of digital content with hopes to ignite additional hype for the brand. Looking to expand the entertainment options of the unit, it is being reported that Sony is considering both music and game rental downloads for the PSP.

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Gamer60563497d ago

If there is a PSP Go hopefully there still will be a PSP with UMD because I have a lot of games. What I want is more PSone Classics

40cal3497d ago

For me anyways. I would love to be able to download music straight to my PSP.

GamerscoreWhores3497d ago

Dont forget the GO!VIEW service the PSP has, where you can download TV content to your PSP. PSP is so diverse, the sooner people see it, the better as it trumps the DSi. Nintendo saw the potential of the PSP and released the DSi which is a dumbed down version of the PSP for me.

Ninjamonkey3497d ago

I hope there is a pspGO without UMD.

If they give it a 16 GB flash hard drive with the option to upgrade, it could be great. They could let you rip UMD's in stores so you keep your old games.

Better load times, smaller psp overall, battery lasts longer. Plus they could make it so psp games work with the ps3 as well which would also be brilliant.