The 50 most overlooked games of this generation

Some lie, dusty and forgotten, at the bottom of a bargain bin. Others are hard to find outside of an eBay auction. Some received rave reviews, but sold next to nothing. Others sold well, but received almost no attention or love from the hardcore audience. Some you've heard about. Others you probably haven't.

All fifty games, however, are criminally overlooked. More importantly, all fifty were released for this generation of consoles and PCs, meaning you can still track down a copy and still play that copy on your current setup.

If you've finished all the blockbusters, or just want to give the underdogs a second shot, here's where to start.

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Snake Raiser3495d ago

There is so much more that Valkyria Chronicles should be remembered for, but at least it will be known as the game that began all of the "most over looked games" lists. I hope it will go on to sell well, even if it takes years, I hope it will.

SaiyanFury3494d ago

I have many of the games listed here. I'll list them below.

1. Blue Dragon on 360
2. Linger in Shadows
3. The Darkness (PS3)
4. Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC)
5. Valkyria Chronicles
6. Conan (PS3)
7. Folklore
8. Disgaea 3
9. Resistance 2
10. Tales of Vesperia, I'm waiting for the PS3 version
11. Condemned 2 (PS3) I had it but it wasn't what I was looking for in a game.
12. Eternal Sonata (PS3)

I do notice that a lot of the games listed are core games on the Wii. I have no doubt they're good, but since the principle audience on the system doesn't appreciate games like those, it's not really surprising that they go largely unrecognised. I wish they were.

N4g_null3494d ago

SaiyanFury i'm pretty sure the principle audience for the HD system don't appreciate the games on this list also which is why they made it on the list.

Saying your fan base is hard core and looking at what they actually buy is too different things. They buy a limited type of game. The point is few of these games have been hyped by the media or the hardcore or vocal online audience. Console gaming thrives on word of mouth.

Online has silenced the hardcore rather than empowered it.

Gue13495d ago

Wow, Earth Defense Force 2017 looks really really cool!!! I never heard of that game before. Too bad is only on xbox 360. =(

NegativeCreep4273495d ago

But I agree with Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Folklore, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (should have been ported to the PS2), Darkmist, Virtua Fighter 5, Resistance 2 (before Killzone 2, my favorite PS3 shooter), Formula One Championship Edition.

The PS3's lineup is more than the doom and gloom "Sony is at its end of domination" group!!!

Myst3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Out of this list I want to try Linger in the shadows and I probably should get back to beating Folklore. Love playing that game especially in the dead of night.

Also would Valkyria Chronicles still be considered overlooked? It did get a anime of itself and is picking up sales, so I'm wondering if it is still fair to say it is overlooked. Also Resistance 2? Really? I know I personally didn't buy it yet, being that I'm not to big into shooters; but I'd say that game was well received amongst people. With a few feeling that it just wasn't as good as the first yet still just as good especially the multiplayer.

BlackPrince 423495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Yeah I know, there are around 3 million copies floating around out there now and the game sold 1 million in it's first ten weeks, but it was really the most ignored and underrated game of 07.

Oh and Warhawk too.

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The story is too old to be commented.