New Heavy Rain screenshots

New screenshots from Heavy Rain showing some new characters from the game. Check them out.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Lol these are massively compressed screen grabs from the new trailer. Wait a couple more hours. :)

Ninver3409d ago

@ ^^^

Even so they look incredible. Can't imagine how awesome the retail game will look.

xwabbit3409d ago

I think this game is going to be extremely retarded'ly(btw i know that's not even a word) good

shingo3409d ago

Seriously, those screens aren't as good as the ones released last year with the shorthaired girl. The character models in the older screens look much much better :/

7ero H3LL3408d ago

...............f#cking ALAN WAKE WANNABE.

......f#ck, he doesn't even look as cool or as rugged as the real man.

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Freakwave0033409d ago

Neo, get out of the Matrix.

chidori6663409d ago

lol... I thought the same thing .

Marceles3409d ago

Without the shades, I was gonna say "Alan Wake is in Heavy Rain?"...but then that would start a riot (keeps mouth closed)

Ldubbz3409d ago

thats all I was thinking when I saw that shot. Even the color palette looks similar.

I hope this one is good; besides God Of War 3 there are no Day One PS3 purchases for me yet.

People are saying the images are compressed, so Ill reserve full judgement on what I see here. But what I see looks pretty good from an artistic POV. Almost cinematic in the lighting.

Just PLEASE change the name...Heavy Rain? Its just so cheez. Wasnt that the name of the movie in Bowfinger? LOL

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ukilnme3409d ago

These shots only look ok to me. I'm sure the finished product will be outstanding.

TheExecutive3409d ago

gotta wait to see it in motion. I think they look fantastic for what they are.

CaptainKratos3409d ago

your a faaking had to do it. No hard

BX813409d ago

These don't look like heavy rain quality.

Tacki3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

These screenshots make me think of X-Files or something. But they're pretty badly compressed so I expect when we get actual video it's going to look a heck of alot nicer. You can see how the guy's sweating in that one shot that's the thumbnail for this story... but the detail is greatly lost due to the quality of the screenshot.

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The story is too old to be commented.