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Top 10 Most Violent Video Games

Recently, the video game industry has been under fire from the media, as well as self-aggrandizing A–holes like Jack Thompson. The reasons are as simple as sex and violence. Somehow, these archaic non-thinkers believe that video games are strictly for children, and that games that contain mature themes are poison to our youth. Well, the Nintendo generation has grown up. We are adults, and play adult video games. Adult video games contain adult content. Adult content often contains violence, and violence - is fun. Here are the top 10 violent video games out there. They're perfect for virtual stress-relief.

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cuco33  +   2891d ago
oh yeah!
soldier of fortune was AWESOME! i was addicted to SOF2 worse than a crackhoe on crack!

and yeah, jack tompson is a tool. he should enforce game sellers to follow the M and A ratings not selling to kids rather than going on a fritz to ban violent gaming in general.
Covenant  +   2891d ago
They missed a couple
The Suffering (either one). Very gory and intense.

Dead Rising. Zombies + lawnmower = chunky kibble all over the place.
Tempo  +   2891d ago
I agree ...
with the second & third poster on that site how in hell could you leave any of the Postal titles out of this list -- it should be # 1 even.
HokieFan  +   2890d ago
I have to admit that I haven't played many of these games, but it scares me that Mortal Kombat...a game where you can tear a guy's heart out or rip off his head...only made it to #9 on the list. Wow.
kornbeaner  +   2890d ago
We never got thrill kill....
in the U.S. and i was looking foward to it back in the days.
level 360  +   2890d ago
Thrill Kill...
I have Thrill Kill and have to say, yes it was a totally different genre of a game ( at that time ). Very violent and gory ( almost a bit like those Hellraiser movies ), the backgrounds added to it's extremes as well. Someone sold it to me because they said it was really different and would be banned - and it did.

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