Gears of War 2 Old School Weekend Starts tommorow

This weekend, Public multiplayer matches go the way of Gears 1 with 4-player squads and Smoke Grenades that don't concuss. The event runs May 22, 9 AM EST-Tuesday, May 26, 9 AM EST.

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KionicWarlord2223493d ago

This has got to be a joke..right? no concussion grenades? four on four?

The Meerkat3493d ago

Concussion grenades spoil the multiplayer. Gear 1 was more fun when you had to try and flank the enemy rather than throw a smoke grenade and run in with the shotgun.

MiloGarret3493d ago

There, you said it: no concussion grenades------> HELLS YEAH!

thegood333493d ago

Sweet! Now just add the old school private matches where strangers could join up with a rolling map set...

peeps3493d ago

lol they should really just add this in as some sort of playlist option 'classic gears' or something.

LifesABeta3493d ago

lmao @ EPIC. Trying to win back Gears 1 players eh?

terrandragon3491d ago

Looks more like tears of pain, not joy.

XPC HARDonE3493d ago

make it a playlist option like hardcore in cod

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The story is too old to be commented.