PS3A Homerun - 21st May 09; v1.21 patch and Resistance 2 space

PS3Attitude writes: "Did someone say Homerun? Yep, it's another Thursday and it wouldn't be complete without our weekly run-though of what's happening in PlayStation Home.

It's quite a significant update worldwide today so let's get down to business before we start writing next week's..."

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I guess I'm going home today to check out all the new stuff.

40cal3497d ago

This is an awesome space with one of the best free mini games to hit HOME.

My PSN is jimmy903, I might see you there.

beavis4play3497d ago

why have they kept it exclusively in the japanese "home"?
it's not a groundbreaking feature but i'd like to see it.

Dead_Cell3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The little things.
Pinball machines with saveable highscores.
Old school beat em up arcade machines.
Shooting ranges with a score of weapons from games like Resistances Bullseye,Killzones ISA rifle etc etc.
Titles like MK II,Tekken one,Frogger for god sakes.
Christ you could put a run physic in and let us play five-a-side football.
There is SO MUCH that HOME is capable of.
As much as I appreciate the things they put in,you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you give us something SONY.

Kyur4ThePain3497d ago

Thing is, if you add too much cool stuff to home, people would spend all their time there. Unless you charge for playing these games, or have a subscription model for Home or PSN, you'd be shooting yourself in the foot.

shawnsl653497d ago

"A second nice surprise is the Presentation Events space. It’s currently empty but we’re pretty certain it has something to do with a well-publicised gaming event starting in just over a week’s time."

E3 in HOME? Could this be it #_#