"Revolutionary announcements" from Konami at E3

Konami has just sent our a teaser email of sorts regarding their E3 press conference. Apparently the event will feature "surprise guests" and "revolutionary announcements."

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belal3471d ago

pumped for e3, god daaaamn!!!!!!!!

Masta_fro3471d ago

Peter Moore with MGS5 tatoo...

and then you wake up all sweaty with your hand inside your pants.

you naughty boy you

WhittO3471d ago

OK, im going to call it again haha (i must loved being slaughtered).

MGS - 360

Some form of MGS on 360.

MGS5 - ps3.

Come on, its the only announcement MS could make that could take attention away from Sony and their 20 AA-AAA exclusives! lol

chaosatom3471d ago

Then MS can take MGS4, lol.

As long as it doesn't effect the ps3 line up.

WhittO3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

lol, i doubt MGS4 could ever be ported to 360, but i think MS would pay them for another MGS game made for the exclusively for 360, so they wouldnt have to compromise anything that was made for ps3.

My way of seeing it, if MS can get almost every 3rd party that was exclusive to Sony go multi-plat, then i doubt Konami will be the only Company to refuse. They will be throwing BIG MONEY.

Im just waiting for a really huge announcement like last years from MS that will just over-take everything else in news, the only news i can think of that will be big enough is MGS-360. If its not then thats great lol, noone is dissapointed (except for the people who own a 360 ofcourse)

Aclay3471d ago

"Come on, its the only announcement MS could make that could take attention away from Sony and their 20 AA-AAA exclusives! lol "

This article has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Microsoft, it's about Konami's Press Conference. I swear, as soon as ANYTHING Konami related is brought up, people start the never ending MGS on 360 crap... I mean, there is a TON of other games Konami has developed/published other than Metal Gear Solid.

Considering this is about KONAMI'S press conference, some "surprise guests" that I can definantly imagine being at their show is Kojima and maybe another developer that Kojima may be working with for his next game.

The MGS on 360 rumors were running rampant when the MGS Touch teaser imagine was floating around, and all these people were literally convinced that MGS4 was going to come out on the 360 and then BAM! NOTHING MGS related was announced for the 360. I expect the same thing to happen at E3.

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago

Aclayps3: PREACH ON!

It's even worse because it's the same arguments that have been rehashed over and over.

If it's anything MGS on the 360 I will be disappointed. Bring me a new IP on the 360 Konami because I don't want MGS anything.

snaz273471d ago

i dont know why everyone gets on your back to be honest co what you say is defo and option that COULD happen, im a ps3 only owner and i havent played mgs4, played the demo and it looked great but im not really into stealth type games really, and plus they couldnt be bothered to do trophies, and dont give me that crap about trophies wasnt out at the time, loads of games have been patched and it just seems a little sloppy that they didnt do it, plus they seem to think they are special and making players take a konami id online and sh!t, i just dont dig that, anyway back on point, i think its very possible that ms has something up their sleave and mgs360 could very well be it who knows really... hey we aint got that long to wait now anyway, couple of weeks lol.

WhittO3471d ago

i know lol, dont know why i bother.

I can just see it now though, this huge shock announcement that everyone knows is coming, i just happen to think it is MGS related.

"METAL GEAR SOLID: RAIDEN, EXCLUSIVE TO 360" haha, well E3 is only like a week away, we will see what all partys bring to the table.

I will just be pi*sed if MS announce this and steal the show, because the show should belong to Sony, they have a HUGE line-up of fantastic games, one announcement for a game should not win E3, as E3 is about the games not the exclusives.

snaz273471d ago

i just say what i think but there are certain people on here that are proper weird and so uptight about whichever their beloved game or console may be, its crazy but i have to laugh at the same time... i know what your saying about ms stealing the show with taking an exclusive etc, but hell i dont really care to be honest when e3 comes around i wont even bother with what 360 has to say or offer as well i dont have a 360 lol, and i wont be getting one either due to the fact that i refuse to buy shoddy hardware... anyway i cant wait to see what sony have for ps3 at e3 i know alot about what will be shown already gameswise, and as youve said the line up is awesome, goes without saying, but i hope they have some cool firmware news also such as skype on the ps3 or something else really cool! i want skpe badly tho lol, save me buying a psp lmao

N4g_null3470d ago

LOL Revolutionary announcements what system was called the Revolution before it was announced. I think these guys are ready to make some money and square has already pulled up to the table. Wouldn't it be crazy if this is a Wii game, like zone of enders are gasp MGS!??! Better yet snatchers WOW.

Man this E3 could be one of the biggest ever!

snaz273470d ago

in the open zone.. i wasnt aware the wii was called that but its looking very possible it could be something wii (god i hate that machine) related... i can just imagine mgswii where you have to move your wiimote really slowly to creep about pmsl... be different than waggling it about like a loon i suppose lmao.

badz1493470d ago

MGS4 is a great game and it's exclusive to the PS3, period! that's it! there is no way Kojima-san will go into the code AGAIN to change things that relates MGS4 to PS brand and Apple for it to be any worth bringing it to the 360! He's a perfectionist and a very intelligent man! - and intelligent man doesn't do stupid things such as that! MGS4 sold around 4 mil on the PS3 alone which warranted massive profits for Kojima Production and Konami as a whole. it's almost a year old game now and I think people should just let the rumours go! it's a better idea for Kojima-san and his crew at Konami to invest in a new project which they are recently teasing the world with instead of pulling off another Bioshock-like case! - a great game ported a year later and flopped in sales!

Head Shot King3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Let the Microsoft hate begin.

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sutton323471d ago

Microsoft reps - suprise guests?? this is going to be a VERY interesting E3

im especially looking forward to seeing more on Heavy Rain, God of War 3, and Alan Wake :D

- Ghost of Sparta -3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Microsoft representatives aren't very "surprising", just overweight.

sutton323471d ago

disagrees? ok so its not going to be an interesting E3... haha

odisho683471d ago

lol...konami releases titles for all platforms so it's not a surprise that all 3 platforms will be mentioned

Another One3471d ago

you mentioned Microsoft in a post about Konami. It doesn't matter how you say it, "they" will attack.

And I agree, I think this E3 is going to be extremely interesting.

3471d ago
ShabzS3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

now we're arguing who has the more number of fat people in the companies... THEY PLAY VIDEO GAMES FOR A LIVING.. they're all fat!!...

Whitefeather3471d ago

You better watch what you say about Jack Trenton he's the coolest guy from all three console makers = Fact.

- Ghost of Sparta -3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Lol I would have been banned a long time ago if I was Nasim. You 360 fanatics are pretty funny. Why is it so hard for you to accept that not every PS3 fanboy on N4G is the same person? Is it because you're so used to being around pro-Microsoft forums? N4G is different, get used to it, unless you want yourself banned for accusing other members of being someone they're not. I've seen it happen on more than one occasion.

And where do you get the idea that I'm making anti-American jokes? I'm American myself. Just pointing out the obvious, Microsoft's top PR douche looks like he swallowed a baby whale.

Fishy Fingers3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

If I earned several hundred thousand $$$/£££ a year I reckon I'd be fat too. Or died of an overdoes.

chaosatom3471d ago

some people doing some karaoke or something.

It was so embarrassing. Don't do that MS!!

ShabzS3471d ago

seriously ... even i was going like What the WhaT ??... some of looks on peoples faces too ... i dont know why they did that ... people came to see gears 2 and they gave us a guy singing kareoke..

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago

Wasn't that Duffy or something? A female that was not to bad on the eyes but sang awful. I guess she is big in the UK or something?

It wasn't that bad. It's not like the whole company got up and played virtual instruments in a frightening executive money bag hoe-down. Watching them pretend to be having a good time and enjoying themselves. Made me sick.

Cajun Chicken3471d ago

You're in the Movies E3 test was cringingly hilarious. Clown pants, I love the way they really tried so hard to make it look fun.

GiantEnemyCrab3470d ago

Cajun: Forgot about that. Oh man, that was cringe worthy!

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ShabzS3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago ) eh?... So Will "Wii" be getting any konami love... (as a 360 only owner- yes, pun intended)

Fishy Fingers3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Wouldnt be surprised. Nintendo are a huge player this generation (in fact, the largest).

Addressing all the MGS shouts, Konami make/publish more than just MGS.

ShabzS3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

no when i say wii ... i'm actually saying we ... its like a pun... coz u know as 360 only owner + konami love = mgs 4 port...urgh.. u know when i have to explain it its not funyy... so forget about it...

anyway does konami have any good franchises on wii .. apart from pro evo soccer

Edit: lol... you really dont need to apologize for my lame jokes mate... i do enough of that myself

Fishy Fingers3471d ago

Ah, fair play, completely missed that. Unlike me. Sorry bro.

Whitefeather3471d ago

Revolutionary announcements = MGS5 is the first sandbox stealth game and it's PS3 only. Also Portable Ops 2 for PSP Go!

-x.Red.x-3471d ago


got this email...

MGOelite3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

iam sudenly very scard to visit the konami next site in just over 2 hours, if there doing an exclusive mgs for the wii im gonna rip someones balls off, not mine... but someones (it could be YOU!)

Snake Raiser3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Revolution was the wii's working title...before it was given a real name. (captain obvious). Maybe it is a wii game. Most boring case scenario- Wii exclusive game that is not MGS or any other big franchise. But hey! maybe it is MGS5, we will hope right? MGS5 not necessarily for wii that is. @1.3 Mgs4 is sure as @@@ not on the iphone.

ShabzS3471d ago

lol... dude if they can give an mgs 4 to the i phone ... anything is possible

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3471d ago can't be ChatBox 360 News then!!! ;-D

Kaneda3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

MGS5 on a 200gb blu-ray disk.. bigger, badder, and more bad A$$ (Epic, but only this time for real)

but Kojima said that MGS 4 was his last, right?

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