Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "There's also no question that Accent Core Plus is thus far the definitive version of Guilty Gear XX. Newcomers will love it, and hardcore fans will want to explore the few new features. However, casual and even dedicated fans won't find the additions worth a whole new purchase. For that reason, this version really ought to put an end to Guilty Gear XX, and the developers should start working on Guilty Gear 3 (or Guilty Gear XXX as the case may be). It's time to take an accomplished series and move it forward."

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Gun_Senshi3493d ago

Not for Kiddies. Its very hard to play and require skill.

bigjclassic3493d ago

but hell I got it already, lol!!
This is like SF no0bish step brother, good game but cheesy as hell.
Also, got an hori arcade stick for this game, you'll need it.

Gun_Senshi3493d ago

street fighter is easy to pick up and play.

GG is hard to piuck up and play and impossible to master.

N4g_null3493d ago

only the hardcore show up... It's only easy when the other player sucks but the move set is pretty sick.

FinalomegaS3492d ago

I'm to much a SF chain combo player, I really got into GG move and combo system,game art is nice though.

N4g_null3492d ago

You should really try the sham show down anthology "Samurai showdown". there are two games that few over here in the west have even got to play. Seriously it is one sweet fighting game.