x360a: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Multiplayer Hands-On

x360a writes: "The original Call of Juarez title that graced our consoles back in 2007 was a unique title. Not unique in the sense that it was a wild-west shooter because we all know that's been done before. It was unique in the sense that, it was effectively a greatly received PC port by players and critics alike, and that doesn't happen too often. With the prequel, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, a matter of months away, things are definitely different this time around. With Techland creating the title for all the HD platforms simultaneously this time, expectations are elevated, especially if it wants to hold its own in a year where we see Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption join the wild-west race.

On what can only be described as a dreary afternoon in good ol' London town, the biggest and brightest of the UK gaming sites crammed around a wall of LCD TV's in a suitably authentic Mexican establishment to duke it out on the playing fields of the latest Juarez title. In our fairly extensive hands on we got to give Bound in Blood's latest multiplayer mode a run for its money by getting to grips with its traditional deathmatch mode but probably more importantly, its authentic raid-the-safe style objective based game..."

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