Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Demo Launches Today On PSN

Capcom have just announced that the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo will be launched today on the PlayStation Network. It will allow Sony PSP users to jump right into one of the most rewarding experiences available on the PlayStation Portable .

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George Sears3342d ago

I will download this. Yes, I will download this. I really don't know how the demo will work though. I mean, would we have pre set armor? Would it be in training instead of normal quests?

I just hope we get to fight the new monsters, I don't want to fight a drome. -_-

Myst3342d ago

+Agrees to both of you (Some magical disagreeing person must have come through)
+Bubbles to Johnny (thank you for that link)

All I can say is I will be downloading this just as well, yet I feel as if I should spend more of my time hunting the Kushala Daora and going back to ranking my self up through the Elder lady.

George Sears3342d ago

Thanks for that. So we do get to fight new monsters. Damn, they really killed the names though. Hynocatrice, damn! Should had stayed with Hypnoc.

ultimolu3342d ago

Oh, you guys are lucky. I have a disagree force following me, lmao.
I'll download it too and see what it's about.

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Selyah3342d ago

I'll have to check up on psn for this later.

maniacmayhem3342d ago

This needs to be on the PS3 console not PSP!

Hopefully Capcom will make a bigger better version that takes advantage of the PS3 online capabilities.

AriesFury3342d ago

has anyone DL it and played it yet?

Myst3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Downloaded it at soon as it hit the store (As well as inFamous demo)

I have to say the demo is fun, at the beginning you are greeted with three quests:

Great Forest.
Old Desert.

Each with their own monsters

Great Forest - Hypnocatrice
Old Desert - Plum D. Hermitaur (Has a Diablos head as a shell it seems)
Swamp - Epic hunting quest (Congalala, Khezu and something else...{it's the Hypnocatrice I think)

Great forest is one star, Old desert is two and Swamp is three.