When You Hear "Exclusive," Guess What It Means

Stephen Totilo writes:

"The recent announcement of a PlayStation 3 release of Fallout 3 content that was previously announced as exclusive to Microsoft sent us searching for answers about what constitutes an 'exclusive.'

Last July Todd Howard, lead designer at Bethesda Softworks, took the stage during the Microsoft E3 press briefing and did a rather un-extraordinary thing. Like so many developers, publishers, marketers, and media outlets in gaming before him, he announced an 'exclusive.'

Specifically, he said: 'We're going to be doing substantial downloadable content for Fallout 3 and it will be exclusive for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows.'"

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blackbeld3349d ago


Gamers should not take Microsoft words too serious!!!!!

They only misleading gamers with their pretty words EXCLUSIVE my @SSS...

table3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Well of course microsoft will twist what words mean. It's what they do best. They even reflect this in microsoft word...

WildArmed3349d ago

so dats all that matters. FF XIII is still exclusive in Japan for ps3 even though the rest of the world gets a 360 version.

Plus, i think MS already pulled all the customers from both console owners for the fallout 3 DLC. So now the people who only have a ps3 can enjoy the DLC.

FYI, fallout DLC sucks :/ Im sad 4 paying 4 it

chaosatom3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Sony defines exclusive as 'only on ps3'

IdleLeeSiuLung3349d ago

This is one of those Sony biased articles from Kotaku... oh wait! Were are all the usual suspects clamoring for Kotaku's biaseness.

In a funny way, that does make sense in two ways:

a) from a gamer perspective, exclusive means will not exist on other consoles

b) from a magazine reader, exclusive means the magazine is spilling the beans first

So in reality the words exclusive has been vague for a long time. I have always assumed a) and b) above, but now I guess exclusive just means timed exclusive unless otherwise noted. It sort of in a wierd way makes sense!

BRG90003349d ago

Time passes, deals change or break for various reasons. I definitely recall the GTA3 games being "exclusive" to the PS2 for quite some time.

phosphor1123349d ago

None, all they have to do is change the definition of "dark".

pippoppow3349d ago

Most 360 games are either on the PC or will be coming sooner or later to the PS. Anyone interested in a true exclusive PS3 games has to buy a PS3 console to experience them.

RememberThe3573349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

lol That basically sums it up...

andron6663348d ago

When you hear the word exclusive in context of 360 content, there is a good chance it only means "timed exclusive".

When you hear the word exclusive in context of PS3 content, it usually means exclusive/only on PS3...

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Mindboggle3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Well thats obviously not true. We have seen third party games that are billed as "Exclusive" stay exclusive. Admittidly there arnt many but there are a few.

But when some third party says its exclusive it usually never tends to be. Theres just to much money lost if its kept exclusive to 1 platform.

pippoppow3349d ago

Honestly don't remember previous gens where Devs lied so frequently about a game being exclusive and it actually winding up to be a timed exclusive like whats happened this gen. Pretty obvious MS puts a clause stating that any other versions not only can't be made for a certain time but the possibility of it showing up on another console is to be refuted. So pretty much many "exclusive" 3rd party games after 6 months to a year will show up on a competitors console.

El_Colombiano3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

When it comes to Microsoft:

So much money thrown so hard at 3rd parties they don't remember the PS3 is their main source of income this generation. Timed Exclusives. Sub-par quality. DLC.

When it comes to Sony:

1st party games that have no competition other than other Sony exclusives. Stay Exclusive to Playstation. Quality only seen on the Playstation brand.

And yes I read the article.

soxfan20053349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

"So much money thrown so hard at 3rd parties they don't remember the PS3 is their main source of income this generation."

The only developers that I recall that have reported higher PS3 than 360 revenues are Take-two, EA, Konami, and Ubisoft. EA and Take-two do not produce 360 exclusives. Ubisoft and Konami's biggest exclusives are for PS3 (Haze & MGS4).

Which third parties are you referring to? And do you think that Konami and Ubisoft make their PS3 exclusives for free?

Bungie, Bizarre, Turn 10, and Epic have put out a prety solid slate of games exclusively for 360, the quality of which have been at least equal to similar PS3 exclusives.

GiantEnemyCrab3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

So basically when the word exclusive comes from MS's mouth it's bullsh*t.

What a shame they have to twist things to pretend they have something they really don't.

I made a post about this very subject on and the mod's locked it before it could get into any decent discussion. They know their slinging bullsh*t and like the faceless corp they are could give a sh*t. So different than their first year on market and they are even exhibiting more arrogance than Nintendo the last couple years. When they have no justification to do so.

I said this 1.5 years ago that MS better get it's sh*t together because people are going to wise up to their manipulation. Now, I can say without a doubt, they just don't give a crap.

@below: Shut-up dude. I don't like you and never appreciated anything you have to say so just stay away from my comments. Now back to ignore for you and why don't you do the same and join the other 134 assholes who I could give a sh*t about.

table3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

by george he's seen the light :)

Edit: no worries man. I don't care enough to ignore anyone. btw the saying is that you "couldn't" give a sh*t. Everyone on this site never seems to know the proper saying.

El_Colombiano3349d ago

Haha I think somebody found out the old crab's password and is using it now. I wonder what happened to the original crab. Oh wait, Mart.

ToastyMcNibbles3349d ago

i understand what youre saying but i dont think its so much that they dont give a sh1t..i think they believe its a great strategy to invest more on things like "exclusive" dlc for 3rd party games...put it like this...they want the xbox to be known as THE system for 3rd party games and so far they have been very successful at that but they need to realize the importance of 1st party games

lloyd_wonder3349d ago

I think it's a bit naive to think Microsoft holds any exclusive rights to these third- party games. Even the GTA DLC won't be exclusive for long. Regardless of what Microsoft pays...

How much money do you think Sony paid for GTA San Andreas? Even though it sold 17mil copies on the PS2 alone, it still came out a year later for the xbox. These developers and publishers own all of their stuff and will put them on as many platforms as possible if it generated a buck.

UltimateIdiot9113349d ago

Don't worry, Crab here owns a PS3.

As for Microsoft, I think they overused the world exclusive. Titles like Eternal Sonata, Bioshock and Tales of Vesperia were announce as exclusive. But 1 year later, it's on the PS3. Fallout DLC was announced as exclusive and now it's coming to the PS3. I think for many dual console owners, it would be hard to purchase a game if there are strong rumors that it will come to the PS3. For PS3 only owners, it's hard to purchase a 360 for the games if PS3 owners know there is a good chance it's time exclusive and exclusive contents to the PS3.

BX813349d ago

Sweetie the only console I would trust when they say exclusive would be the WII!

Bathyj3349d ago

Its unclassy to stubbornly insist your way of thinking is the correct way (like WE ALL do) only to turn around and give a big "I told you so" when a person finally agrees with aspects of what you're saying.

I dont think Crab ever said M$'s sh*t didnt stink, he just likes Xbox the most which is fine. He did have a hate-on for PS3 at one point, which is not fine, but that has softened considerably now he's seen what a good gaming machine it is. Theres no need to rub his face in it, unless your goal is to scare away others who might be thinking about joining us. I dont benifit at all from more PS3's being sold/played, I just want more people to enjoy gaming and I dont see how a gamer could ignore PS3.

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