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-EvoAnubis-3469d ago

People have no idea what they're missing. BUY THIS GAME!!!!

jtdg_b8z3469d ago

Its a great game and deserves a lot more than its been given, and should definately be higher compared to some of those games listed.

Da One3469d ago

what did you expect................

RememberThe3573469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Pretty damn good game. I see how this would get the top spot.

mastiffchild3469d ago

Yeah-good game that gives a decent challenge without holding your hand at all. It's funny that it should be so high in the d/l this month esp for me as I had to download it the other week as I'd nearly finished it completely and lost the UMD at Xmas-like a nob. And it seems evryone else must have got it on the strength of KZ2 that hadn't picked it up before.

I think uit's pretty underrated as well as being a really good PSP shooter-even if it's got one of the oddest perspectives I've ever seen, not really TPS or top down. I suppose it's a bit like the high angle in GTA CW on DS.

Patapon2 rocks too.