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IGN has heard Prototype described many ways. It's Resident Evil meets Grand Theft Auto. It's just like Infamous. It's a slicker looking The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, an unsurprising claim given the fact that developer Radical Entertainment is responsible for both. None of these descriptions are off the mark, but Prototype brought back memories of another game for them: Crackdown.

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table3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

sounds flashy but with little substance. that's just what I get from reading the preview anyway.

TOO PAWNED3345d ago

Just like i predicted months ago...o well back to Infamous than, this one is rent at best

4Sh0w3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

"Or you can just mess with civilians. I found this to be perhaps just a tad too much fun."

"You see, Alex Mercer is a bit of an anti-hero. Though he's fighting a horde of infected monsters that are ravaging the Big Apple, the civilians are fair game too. With a tap of a face button, he can grab any bystander by the neck and take them for the ride of their soon to be ended life. I made sure he was carrying a person at all times. There's something about the way they flail about wildly as Alex runs up the sides of buildings that is just plain entertaining. Periodically I'd get bored with the person being carried and chuck them at a wall or off of a rooftop, but another would soon be grabbed to start the cycle anew."

"Prototype is an open-world game that doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the likes of GTA IV (the fact that you can run up the side of a building while carrying a car should be enough proof of that). That's not to say it's goofy and tongue-in-cheek like Saints Row 2. Simply put, it's an action game for those that love action."

Wow, well I love an absolutely over-the-top action game so Prototype sounds like this is the kind of game that has my name written all over it.

table3345d ago

I could pick a choose parts to fit my statement just the same way as you did. I do agree that it does sound fun though. Previews are always more positive than the reviews remember.

4Sh0w3345d ago

Everything the guy said seemed to suggest its "potentially" going to be a great game, but yes anybody could "interpret" or take a line or two out of context to suggest something so broad and subjective as a lack of substance. Seriously I could do that with any preview or any review myself but the overall tone of the review doesn't seem to suggest that this is the case at all.

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belal3345d ago

is as good as infamous!!!!! why get just one when you can get both :P just hope that prototype is good...

love to be a ps3 owner :D

Ldubbz3345d ago

Ive been following this game for a while, glad to see its finally gonna come out soon.

If you havent yet seen this video, do yourself a favor...

jBat173345d ago

maybe they should nake the graphics better - it looks last-gen compared to inFamous.. but maybe it has AAA gameplay.. good thing it's multiplat

Tiberium3345d ago

Looks great. And as far as people comparing this to imfamous, this is a mature game. Not a teeny comic-book cutscene style antihero game.

CoxMulder3345d ago


This "Me Hulk, me look like popular jock now" game is certainly way more mature than inFamous.. LMAO

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