Wii exclusive dragonball game is a 3D side scroller

Dragonball: Tenkaichi Daibouken (Dragonball: The Strongest On Earth Great Adventure) is a Wii exclusive and unlike Dragon Ball: Raging Burst it's a 3D side scrolling adventure set in the original Dragonball universe. You control young Goku and run into famous characters from the series.

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FinalomegaS3108d ago


G4drake3106d ago

100 points for you.

i agree

ChickeyCantor3108d ago

So basically the battles are going to be like old days?
cool =)

G4drake3106d ago

and look like will be long and fast paced

bigjclassic3108d ago

BT3 is by far the best DBZ game, and is still played online on the Wii. We need a sequel please, also good news.

im geeting this, but we need DBZ BT4 ASAP!!!