Scary Cool -- Scarygirl's Touch My Pixel

With beautifully constructed Flash game Scarygirl just debuted, Gamasutra talks to Australian duo Touch My Pixel on its making, collaborating with illustrator Nathan Jurevicius, and going from webpage to game design.

Touch My Pixel are an Australian based developer made up of Tarwin Stroh-Spijer and Tony Polinelli, previously based primarily in web design, who've used the Scarygirl project, based on Nathan Jurevicius's designs and funded by Film Victoria and Passion Pictures Australia, to springboard themselves into the public consciousness -- and create a really beautiful and rather fun game in the process.

The game, which is available to play freely as a Flash-based browser game on, really is something; the visuals alone, taken from Nathan's work and adapted carefully, are something gorgeous to behold in motion.

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