Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review (ZTGD)

Cat writes: Galactrix is space-bound: Earth is ravaged, "mega-corporations" have seized power, and mankind roams the universe using or blowing up everything in our path. The universe is our war-torn oyster, and hundreds of years after mankind makes its first foray into the alien realms Galactrix begins its story. Like its predecessor, Challenge of the Warlords, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix melds casual gaming à la Bejeweled with some RPG questing. What Galactrix brings however, is a new universe, cast, zero gravity and an amplification of those classic addictive elements: leveling up characters, forging items, missions and quests - and matching countless gems.

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Armyless3195d ago

A puzzle RPG interests me, but the price says "stay away"

Bazookajoe_833195d ago

fun and acddictive, there are many hours of gameplay.

- Ghost of Sparta -3195d ago

I thought it was GalactriX? But yeah, really addictive stuff.

Skynetone3195d ago

it would have needed 10/10 make that 11/10