Vanguard: Halls Of The Pantheon Screens

To celebrate the release of the latest Vanguard update, Halls of the Pantheon, Sony Online Entertainment has released eight new screen shots of the game.

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Maticus3413d ago

The graphics really aren't that bad, shame this game doesn't do a bit better.

thetamer3413d ago

I want to know who comes up with these screenies.

Leord3413d ago

Someone playing the game :P

Medievaldragon3413d ago

Very nice graphics. Wish World of Warcraft gryphons looked like that.

SCFreelancer3413d ago

Yea, that game (wow) looks decent because of its great art direction. But if you look past that it can use a bit of improvement ;)

Leord3413d ago

Pretty good looking game! Better graphix than WoW at least :)

Maticus3413d ago

It's a fairly new game

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