New Kid in the Sandbox

Koku Gamer writes: "Comparisons are made constantly within the gaming industry, from both gamers and critics alike. We often compare different games and franchises in order to determine which is the greatest for that particular genre. It therefore comes as no surprise when we talk about 'heavyweights' within the industry – specifically, particular developers and certain franchises which are hailed as leaders."

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Icemael3070d ago

Very nice, in-depth comparison. Definitely worth the read.

farhsa20083070d ago

gta 4 may have the better graphics and physics but trust me saints row 2 is way more fun, its what gta 4 should have been

T-What3070d ago

I agree while I enjoyed GTA4 for a little while (never beat it) I have beaten Saint Row 2 three times and I still enjoy just driving around causing mayhem, saints row 2 is way better than GTA4.

I hope GTA5 is better than 4 and I am already anticipating Saints Row 3

WengYong3070d ago

My fave sandbox game was Crackdown, nothing special but good honest fun. Havent played Saints Row 2 yet.

Good read, keep em coming

edulle3070d ago

I agree with WengYong. Crackdown was a lot of fun

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