Prototype - Brutal Bosses Trailer

Activision published a new trailer from Prototype featuring the bosses of the game.

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rbluetank3197d ago

i will have to rent this game... no way will i buy this game... it looks like rental fun only...

King20083197d ago

Let's not make this into a Infamous vs Prototype which I know it will be. There is nothing wrong with a game this is mindless fun, Since when is destruction a bad thing. I personally will buy this if reviews turn out favorably. I will rent it if it is mediocre.

Christopher3197d ago

I dunno, when I think 'boss' for video game, I think of a unique individual that I have to fight and not a lot of the same. Half of those are going to be in the game in numbers, growing as you get more powerful.

I'm not too impressed with the videos they're putting out because they have the need to use video filters rather than letting the in-game graphics speak for itself.

thequietgamer3197d ago

man, some of those creatures look like resident evil clones. the more i see of this game, the more i think that it will suck.