Observer Modes of StarCraft II Revealed

The Korean site Fomos got a preview of the observer modes of Starcraft 2. While the original article is in korean, StarcraftWire has all the details in English.

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Medievaldragon3495d ago

Finally, it is been ages since fans wanted details on the observer modes.

Leord3495d ago

I am surprised they didn't implement it post release in SC1 like they did with replays...

SCFreelancer3495d ago

Yea! It seems likely, but I still hope to see it confirmed that these observer modes can be used in combination with both realtime games and replays.

SCFreelancer3495d ago

@Leord: I can remember that the addition of replays back then was a pretty big deal on itself!

Thinking about that, I wonder how well this game would have done as an e-sport without the replays.

Cogo3495d ago

@ SCFreelancer I agree, that is interesting. I can;t recall if the SC hysteria started before or after the replays. Either way, Korea has been the main engine here, so if their fanaticism started well before the replays, I don't think we can call that conclusive.

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Leord3495d ago

This is all part of the new and I think that Blizzard will really surprise us with it's glory.

They have a whole team programming it, and they have been doing that for MONTHS.

SCFreelancer3495d ago

The original game was never build with e-sports in mind. I think this selection of Observer modes is just what the game needs to support both the casters and the viewers better.

Apart from the e-sports reason, its also an easy way to get a better view of you own game.

Leord3495d ago

I'm really interested to know if all this eSport support will boost SC2, or if all the little flaws was just what made SC1 so popular.

I am going to look at the progress of SC2 sports with great interest! :)

Cogo3495d ago

I'm fairly cerain that the game will do just as good as SC1, in 10 years time ;)

SCFreelancer3495d ago

@Leord: yea that is hard to say. I do believe the flaws of this game did partially make the game. I believe muta stacking (example) was actually a bug right?

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