PlayStation Store Update EU - 21 may

PS3-Sense writes: "Here is the European PlayStation Store of today, with some cool stuff which is definitely worth checking out."

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dhammalama3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

the killzone 2 realtime bullet ad!!
Nice, only 191mb. I've been pretty curious to see this.

DavidMacDougall3498d ago

I swear i just turned my ps3 on a min ago before this article and now im so happy, Infamous and Red Faction Multi player demo!! WHoooo

StephanieBBB3498d ago

My tears are both of joy and sadness =.)

Panthers3498d ago

Infamous is so much fun. Even better than I thought it would be. The videos online dont ever show how fun it is to fight inthis game.

fozzyhull3498d ago

just been on infamous and didnt enjoy 1 bit really so think im going to have to cancel my pre order,was looking foward to this then uncharted but theres plenty of games i have and can buy in the mean time, with no MP i dont think this is a good enough SP game for £32.99 will wait till it drops to 17.99 or so

Ghoul3498d ago

playing it right now for some hours


StephanieBBB3498d ago

Though I kinda got disappointed to find out that dark cole and light cole are pretty much the same. That pretty much gives little to no incentive to play it again...

JBaby3433498d ago

Still at work. I can't wait to get home and play inFamous.

Alvadr3498d ago

One word to describe Infamous... AWESOME!!!! Been playing for the past 2 hours, quite a big demo.

You really feel powerful, had loads of fun blowing up cars and using that magnetic force to blow them & citizens around.. mWWAHHHH fun fun fun!!! Total freedom in this game, the controls are so fluid, graphics top notch... LOVE IT! Feel like an almighty Niko from GTA

Pandemic3498d ago

This Red Faction demo is horrible, I can't find a single multiplayer game....

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Erotic Sheep3498d ago

Downloading inFamous right now, good update btw including the KZ2 thing.

Erotic Sheep3498d ago

Just finished it, inFamous is AWESOME! The controls are just perfect and for a demo its quite long even. I'll be sure to play this more often till the full game comes out \o/

Marceles3498d ago

Yup I agree, I don't see how anyone CANT like the game.

I was already impressed at the starting point on the demo when you're standing on top of the building and showing the view of the whole city with people walking around. It just looks's not like you're looking around and there's only 2 people on the screen that pop up, it's a bunch of people and cars walking around...and I love how they react when you run past them or they see you running and flying around. While I was shooting at some reapers I heard one pedestrian say "I wish I can do that" I really can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.