Top 10 Worst Videogame Diseases

NowGamer:It's staggering how many games feature a malady of some kind. Here's the best of the worst...

Super Mario Bros.

Fungal Infection (Candidosis)

Risk factors:
Living in the Mushroom Kingdom
Possession a mushroom-related name, such as Toad*
Redirecting plumbers.
Symptoms to look out for:
A mushroom-like body shape
A very wide head (Not to be confused with Bloaty Head)
Vaginal itching

What to do if you think you have a Fungal Infection:
Escape the Mushroom Kingdom and if possible, apply an over-the-counter remedy such as Canesten or an industrial fungicide, such as OMACIDE IPBC

If symptoms have progressed unhindered all the way to the stage where to all intents and purposes you are a mushroom, it's probably too late. Best you can hope for is to try to find somewhere dark and moist and stay there.

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The title is Video "Game" Disease not "Console", moron.