Officers: World War II Screens

Kalypso Media has released five new screenshots for the upcoming RTS, Officers: World War II.

The game, which is Morphicon and GFI's second wartime RTS, provides warfare on a huge scale. Players can take part in battles involving up to 1,500 units, fighting in an area of up to ten square miles.

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Malfurion3468d ago

That's huge, dread to think of the system requirements :P

Leord3468d ago

Yeah, gonna need a IBM Roadrunner for that! :)

Leord3468d ago

Quite impressive. I remember when you couldn't even have more than about a hundred units on screen at once without killing your poor PC in older RTS games.. :)

Maticus3468d ago

Age of Empires killed my 486! :(

Medievaldragon3468d ago

1,500 units --- amazing. Wonder what the minimum hardware requirements are.

Maticus3468d ago

The screen shots are great, looks impressive considering it's not exactly a top title.