GameFocus: Punch-Out Review

GameFocus writes: "Re-imaging, re-introducing, or re-working a franchise is a dangerous business when it comes to entertainment. The problem with doing it is that people hate change, even if it's only minor adjustments. Naturally, when Nintendo announced that it was going to bring back Punch Out!!, there were more than a few people with mixed reactions. The original Punch Out!! was and still is considered one of the greatest sports titles ever made. How do you compete with that? Well, let's take a look at just how Next Level Games answer that question."


+ Excellent controls.
+ Excellent character models.
+ Solid voice-acting.
+ Cel-shaded visuals look fantastic.
+ A remake, but a remake done right.
+ Music is classic Nintendo.


- Multiplayer's a bit shallow. (It's not bad, just not great).
- Motion controls and balance board are fun for easier opponents, but aren't accurate enough for tougher opponents.

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