Eurogamer: Prototype Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Playing through the opening minutes of Prototype is a bit of a blur, and not just because it's one of roughly 600,000 titles Activision is presenting in a rammed pre-E3 press event in the middle of London. Prototype would probably be a bit of a blur if you were dipping into it after a fifteen-hour snooze in a four-poster bed, with your own personal demo pod set up in the ballroom of Sandringham Palace, the Dalai Lama on hand to show you the controls, and members of Hansard fluttering nearby to note down even the most fleeting of your impressions. Prototype seems like a blur because that's how the game plays: from the very start, it's hectic, bloody, rollicking, and a little unhinged. Take away the present-day setting, and it's the kind of thing a syphilitic pirate might hallucinate, laid up in bed with a high fever."

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Bordel_19003201d ago

Eurogamer? No thanks. EG sucks bad.

360isgreat3201d ago

Even thought they always have been lately they just annoy me.

lelik3201d ago

So they're getting on prototypes d1ck early. $$$

rbluetank3201d ago

this game looks bad... a lot of fun; but bad graphics none the less... it looks like a lot of blur/bland/haze graphic elements in this game....