New Metal Gear News In Next Week's Famitsu PS3?

As we all know, Kojima Productions is counting down to a reveal of a new title; the countdown timer ends in roughly nine hours, but rumor has it another will soon take its place. Has Japan's 7-11 spoiled the announcement for everyone? Count this under rumor for the time being, but one clever poster on NeoGAF has uncovered something quite interesting. On 7Andy, the Japanese retail arm of 7-Eleven, a listing has been put up for next week's issue of Famitsu PSP + PS3, set to hit store shelves on May 30th.

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sinncross3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

So if it only seems to appear in the PSP/ PS3 Famitsu, then I suppose it is a PSP/ PS3 exclusive.

Only time will tell I'm sure...

PlanetSmasher3465d ago

Could also be a PSP game, or a multiplatform title.

Shadow Flare3465d ago

It's got to be mgs5, along with another 2 years of begging

Pennywise3465d ago

lol, shadow... you forgot the green tears.

WhittO3465d ago

you know, i keep suggesting MGS on 360 and get like 20 disagrees, but really why not?
What is keeping them exclusive to ps3 and im sure that if MS paid them $50 million+ that they would do it, not to say PS3 wont get a MGS, but i could see MS paying for like a "special MGS" like a MGS Raiden and the ps3 gets MGS5 or something.

I really do think, for me its 85% certain, MS will have a big announcement at E3 (as we are all expecting) and really think its going to be a MGS on 360.

Pennywise3465d ago

I would be really disappointed in Sony if they didnt open up their wallets for this one.

PirateThom3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

If it was about money, MGS4 would have launched day and date with the PS3 version on 360, PC and probably Wii if they could work it.

Some developers aren't about money, Kojima is one of them. Konami would do it in a heartbeat, but they gave Kojima the rights to his IPs back. Since Kojima Productions formed, the only Metal Gear game on a non-Sony platform was Metal Gear Solid Touch, on iPhone. If Kojima's Sony and Apple fandom wasn't evident, play MGS4 and observe it in action.

Do you think Kojima is going to spend 20+ years building a series that is critically acclaimed and then sell it out to the highest bidder? Or will he keep it exclusive and take advantage of the hardware and engine they're already using to take it to the next level like MGS2>MGS3?

3465d ago
Pennywise3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I agree Thom... as proud a Kojima is, he still wasnt happy with MGS4... What does this mean for a 360 MGS? I dont think it is looking too good. My comment above about Sony's wallet was basically if it DID come down to money, sony better step it up. They saw what MGS did for the PS3... they dont want to lose that magic.

@kingdong, You sir have 3 bubbles which tells me noone cares what you think. I do not want to see another PS3 exclusive get watered down so it fits on a DVD. If MS had bluray, I wouldnt give a crap if it was multiplat.

WhittO3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I agree, we all know MS tried everything to get MGS4 on 360, but Kojima wanted Snakes story to end on ps3, he has been quoted as saying. We all know Kojima is the reason there is no MGS4 for 360 aswell.

But really, theres nothing stopping him from creating a game for both ps3 and 360 now, he prob didnt port MGS4 as people know lack of disk space etc, but he could still make a game specifically for the 360 and for ps3, Konami is a big company and im sure MS will compensate with ALOT of money.

By making a specific exclusive game for 360, they can use all of those resources and use the ps3 resources for their next game, no quality has to be compromised etc (like we know is happening to FF XIII).
Just a theory anyway, really, could Kojima/Konami refuse to make $50 million + just on keeping reputation? He might not have a say lol (if Konami refuse to let him refuse lol)

Shadow Flare3465d ago

Kojima is a perfectionist. So for that reason alone, mgs5 coming to 360 is a complete joke

theKiller3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

to answer ur question check out my post @1.1 in the Open Zone!

there is many facts why a real MGS game cant go to 360!

1: 360 cant handle a game like MGS4

2: most software companies reporting more income coming from PS3 than 360

3: the failure example of square enix of supporting 360 instead PS3 and the huge losses they got is surely will make them think 1000 times before they break their good relationship with Sony to go to MS!

WhittO3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

i completely disagree, MGS-iphone? MGS-PSP ? MGS-PS2?

It doesnt have to be MGS5 to be on 360, as i said it could be MG-Raiden (as example)

If you are making a game for that specific platform then you make the best with what you have and "perfect it", doesnt mean his vision isnt met closest on ps3, just that its not impossible to do a MGS game on a platform other than ps3 you know!

Stop being so closed minded, these are the types of people who will go crazy why a MGS game is announced for 360, yes i said when.

Shadow Flare3465d ago

When kojima makes a game, (especially a main game not a spin-off) he will try to get the best result he can get from that console, whatever the console. I can't think of any multi-platform games kojima has made, because you can't get the best results from multi-platform games since you have to develop to the lowest denominator, ie. 360. If mgs5 was developed for ps3 and 360, the ps3 version will be dragged down by 360 and if you think kojima would be fine with that, then you do not know hideo kojima

WhittO3465d ago

if you read what im saying, im not saying that MGS5 goes to both ps3 and 360 because i agree i dont think Kojima would do that, and TBA you dont know what he would do, you dont know him in real life, just on forums so dont claim to "know him" or know what he will/wont do, anyway lol..

I said that its possible for Kojima to make an EXCLUSIVE game for the 360 like MG-RAIDEN (for example) and make the next MGS5 on ps3.

Shadow Flare3465d ago

Do you think that will happen? Metal gear raiden would still be a continuation of the mgs story and i very much doubt kojima would keep that from playstation fans

TheTwelve3465d ago

Perhaps it's a PS3 game with some serious PSP support---that would be rather dreamy, eh?


boodybandit3465d ago

Yet again hypocrisy runs wild on N4G.

How many accounts does this make you now King Dong? You are the last person that should be using words like fanboy. It's a shame N4G doesn't permanently ban people that blatantly break their rules by creating multiple accounts.

Back on topic.
Anything from Kojima Productions is big news. I can't wait to find out what it is.

Pennywise3465d ago

So whitto, basically what you are saying is you think Kojima will still compromise his work and downgrade to shrink his game onto a DVD??

I think after all the bashing 360 users gave MGS about being a "movie", you guys dont deserve any attention from Kojima.

WhittO3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I really think that MS would offer too much for them simply to pass down (like paying for the entire development costs of a game), its doesnt have to be a continuation - Metal gear raiden could even be set before MGS4, there are SOO many things they could do in this universe.

However, i also think that Kojima will not ignore the ps3 (*cough* Square Enix *cough*), i think he would make MGS5 for ps3.

But you have to realise that there is still opportunity for a MGS game to be on other platforms, aswell as the ps3.

--EDIT: erm penny, i dont have a 360,only ps3 so "you guys" doesnt include me...

and yes, Kojima will compromise his work for DVD as HE HAS SAID he has for Blu-ray.

people are not listening, im not saying it will a be ps3/360 game - hence the compromise on quality, but a new game entirely for 360 and another for ps3, so the ps3 would get a game that takes full potential, which would not be affected by the 360 as IT WOULD BE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAME that would use all of the 360 potential.

Its like people saying Kojima compromise for having MGS on PSP instead of PS3, totally different games so there is no compromise.

Now, its a different story if it was a multi-plat game as yes there would obv be compromise! but thats not what im talking about...

morganfell3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Because you still do not understand Hideo Kojima. He isn't a person to be bought and sold. MGS4 is an opus and a tour de force of gaming. Regardless of misplaced beliefs in the 360 the fact is it simply cannot provide the baseplate that was needed to present MGS4 in the grand manner which Kojima sought for his Solid Snake cutain call.

Now we have this possible news. Could it be a PSP/PS3 crossover Sony exclusive? Absolutely. Kojima will only bring a new Metal Gear title to the 360 if he can do so without sacrificing his presentation.

JD_Shadow3465d ago

@whitto: You're just trying to say how you think Kojima Productions would bring ANYTHING Metal Gear to the 360. We get what you're trying to say: That it would be a side game instead of a continuation of the main story (except the way you're describing it, it would be). You don't have to bring it up countless times because WE GET IT. We just don't agree with it in the slightest. The way Hideo has worked, NOTHING Metal Gear would ever hit the 360. At all. Period. End of story. No side game, no MGS4, no "MGS-Raiden", no anything. You're stretching.

Plus, why the hell would 360 news be in a SONY-related magazine, anyway?

zoneofenders3465d ago

well it is almost certain that XBOX360 will not get this.
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bionic commando

however we dont know if its psp or ps3.
one can only hope its ps3..........believe

gaffyh3465d ago

I doubt any game Kojima makes will ever be 360 exclusive. Unlike Square Enix he knows that his loyal fanbase is primarily on PlayStation formats. I mean MGS4 is the highest selling game on PS3 so far, and it only came out last year.

I don't think MGS would go multiplat, unless MS pays a lot for it. It won't sell as much on the Xbox 360 (it's just not the type of game Xbox owners play, which is proven by the dismal MGS2 sales for Xbox 1). MGS4 engine is only working on PS3 as far as we've heard, it was not developed as a multiplat engine. So the engine would have to be ported as well as the game.

WhittO3465d ago

Well, thats your opinion and its as valid as mine lol.

Just saying, you cant say Kojima will NEVER put a game on 360, because thats just foolish to think that.

People were saying that about FF, DMC, GTA and look at them, its business and Kojima isnt above business, he needs money to make those games and if MS come to him with enough money, he would make a game for them (in my opinion, which could be wrong still)

Peopl act like they "know" Kojima, and that they "know" what he would and wouldnt do, which to me, is just what they "hope" he wont do.

Nikuma3465d ago

Kojima would only put a MGS game on a MS console if it was vastly superior hardware to the playstation alternative. Kojima likes to work on the cutting edge technology and push his games to perfection. No hes not going to work on a MSG for 360.

Soldierone3465d ago

I think your completely avoiding the point everyone is arguing with you about. Is it possible for Kojima to make a game on 360? Yes of course. Is it possible he is a sell out like all the other companies? Yes of course. But he ISNT. He is known to be a fan of Sony and in Japan, Kojima and Sony have very good relations. Sony is helping with production if anything and they are helping support his games, let alone they probably have dinner together every now and then and its been like that ever since PS1. The fact is he wont make a MGS game for 360, end of story. Maybe some other game like todnado ally or something but not MGS, not even if its an exclusive sub series. Konami can do all they want with the money offered to them, its Kojima's games and he can easily take his IP elsewhere. Let alone you have to realise the differnce in sales between america and Japan, here sure 360 wins any day, there? Not a single person will touch the 360. Kojima is a japanese developer and can see this also and isnt willing to sell out his reputation like Square did. Ever realize why Square is exclusive to sony still in japan? Square and Capcom are money whores, we can tell that already, but Kojima isnt and has intregrity let alone respect for what Sony is doing for him, its more than money. And the second a MGS title is announced for 360 guess what happens to the sales on PS3 thanks to all the angry fans? MGS4 made over half of Konami's profits since its been out, i think thats enough of a check from Sony to ensure future titles....

MGS on 360 is a no, another title or series maybe who knows, but not MGS im sorry to tell you that.

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scruffy_bear3465d ago

This seem's right as PSW UK Mag have this

World Exclusive Coming Next Month

Konami has been busy hinting at what the MetalGear Soild 4 developher will do next. Well we know. And all will be revealed next issue!

I wonder what it is

Skyreno3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

90% Sure is MGS5 With Raiden ....For PS3 only, All Series were playstation only

scruffy_bear3465d ago

No they were not Metal Gear Solid 2 was released on the Xbox 6 months after the PS2 version

PotNoodle3465d ago

and an MGS1 remake was done on the gamecube.. fair enough kojima wasn't directly involved.. but quite a few of his team were and kojima had the final word on how it went out.

table3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

well Skyreno technically was still right in what he said then. Every game in the series has been exclusive or timed exclusve to the playstation. When MGS is announced you expect it to be on playstation only.

UltimateIdiot9113465d ago

We all know how Kojima felt about MGS2 on the Xbox. He wasn't too happy with the result which is why MGS3 is PS2 only.

- Ghost of Sparta -3465d ago

And why do you think MGS3 or MGS3: Subsistence weren't released on the Xbox? Because MGS2: Substance on the Xbox was a failure. If you guys are lucky enough to EVER see another Metal Gear on your platform it'll be because Microsoft begged Konami, not Kojima.

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Forrest Gump3465d ago

No,it will be exclusive to the 360 because Kojima just looooooooves making games on the Xbox 360 platform.

Forrest Gump3465d ago

2?MGS4 was announced in 2005,and we still have kids crying for the game.

Hopefully Kojima cares for the kids,hopefully :)