Videogamer: The Conduit Interview

Videogamer writes: "The Conduit is one of the most hotly-anticipated Wii games of 2009, a first-person shooter that claims to be one of the best looking games on the console. We spoke to Eric Nofsinger, chief creative officer at High Voltage Software, about pushing the Wii's limits, video games for mums, and why you'll never see this game on a 360 or PS3."

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FinalomegaS3468d ago

I wish I knew some "moms" that had a wii, I love MILFS and teaching them how to "play" would really be sweet of me :P

But honestly why do people think it's mostly moms,grandmas etc that have the system? Has there been some sort of concrete info regarding this? I have one and I'm in my mid 30s, are there that many people that know many of these soccer moms that play with the wii console?

I am waiting for some reviews, and I have a feeling the day the reviews start coming in we'll see the net light up with flames of war. Can already see it ;-/

Suga Shane3468d ago

Everyone that works at the base with me that has a Wii is 22-45. I really do not know of one single "soccer mom" that owns one...not saying that they are not out there. I do like how EN used the term "mainstream" instead of "casual gamers" and I am happy to see a dev with the confidence and the determination that HVS has, to give us Wii gamers( and theirselves) a rightfully deserved proper Wii FPS! Maybe its just me, but, I am having flashbacks of when Goldeneye was being hyped.....ahhh, the memories.

FinalomegaS3468d ago

it's not just you, I have that goldeneye flash back also. I heard they were going to add cheats in, I remember the goldeneye cheat in Facilities ( invincibility) still remember that as it was a pain to get done as it was on perfect dark also.

Looking forward to this... but now TVC has been added to the list, little time to play....

ChickeyCantor3468d ago

Almost everyone i know says it reminds them of PD or GE-007.

=D can't wait.