Apple may start to sell netbooks

C Shanti of of TG Daily writes:

"A report from Piper Jaffray is adding one and one together and making three, suggesting Apple will enter the netbook market."

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Forrest Gump3491d ago

Hopefully their "Junk" won't cost over 500,cause even if it's the prettiest junk out there,no one will pay $500+ for a Netbook unless it comes with a touch screen or some other ridonkulous feature.

il-mouzer3491d ago

I tend to keep my laptop in my car or office and I hardly ever use it. Most probably because it's just to big and heavy.

I want a Netbook, and since we just use apple crap at work, maybe I'll get an apple netbook and use it for work. Sadly enough the company I work with has a strict mac-software only view and we can't use any other OS.