GameStop Offers Exclusive Bonus with Pre-Orders for Prototype

The new video game hits stores on June 9, but if you pre-order Prototype through GameStop, you receive the retailer's exclusive Critical Hints Map and one-of-a-kind Alex Mercer figurine.

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Rhezin3498d ago

its the only place to buy games. I know there's online but I like to get the awesome games DAY 1 of release. I preorder games like this regardless though. But, WERD man I know what you mean, I hate it because of the the small amt of money you get for trade-ins. IT'S COMPLETE BS.

Christopher3498d ago

Completely understand your plight. I also hate the store, but I have other options since I'm not worried about getting games on Day 1. I do hate that most pre-order specials really cater to the chain of stores, though. I think pre-order specials should be available from a wider assortment of stores, but especially from all online retailers that can handle them.