Warner Bros. Bids on Midway

Brian Crecente of Kotaku writes:

"Midway today announced that they have received a more than $33 million offer from Warner Bros. to buy out most of their company.

The "stalking horse" asset purchase agreement with Warn Bros. Entertainment would include rights to Mortal Kombat and Midway's studios in Chicago and Seattle. The agreement would not include the studio in San Diego, Newcastle or the TNA franchise."

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Green Lantern23434d ago

come on Warner i want a DC VS MK movie please.

KionicWarlord2223434d ago

Very interesting warner bros . Perhaps trying to make a movie and a game. That would be big.

RememberThe3573434d ago

he terminator and Wolverine games where made side-by-side and they didn't turn out too well.

I would wait to get exited about this concept. They need to prove themselves first.

barom3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Wolverine is actually pretty fun game imo.

And I think it's more that Warner Bros want a stronger foothold in the video game market. They purchased quite a few students recently. Here's a direct quote from the Gamasutra article, which I'm fairly certain is where Kotaku "stole" this article from. It's word for word the same of what is presented up there. I try not to go to their site so I can't say for the whole article. In any case here's the quote:

"In recent years, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has acquired Monolith Productions, Snowblind Studios and TT Games."

rambi803434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

wolverine was shockingly not too bad. Was very surprised. No epic title though - worth a rent

If i am not mistaken warner brothers was involved in condemned which was awesome

Elven63434d ago

Sucks not everything is potentially going, does anyone know if the Midway brand will still exist or would it just disappear after the final bid?

KionicWarlord2223434d ago

If your worried about mortal combat , same guy is still in control of the projects. SO its a win still if midway gets bout.

Elven63434d ago

I'm worried about a company as a whole, besides the MK team can go along but if they don't agree with how the company is being run they can leave.

DeadlyFire3433d ago

Warner only wants to buy 2 studios out of the 4 studios under Midway. Read the article it gives you all you need to know. Warner only wants to buy the two studios that are in Chicago, and Seattle. Midway plans to keep operating under its other 2 studios.

So Midway will still exist, but as a smaller company than before. TNA rights and game are still going to be with Midway. Wheelman and Mortal Kombat rights are going to Warner Bros. I believe. At least that is all that is mentioned in moving. For now.

ThatArtGuy3434d ago

If this goes through the Atari Games library will change hands AGAIN. (The arcade company, not the console name.)

Elven63434d ago

Change hands back to the original owner, since Warner owned the first and second generation Atari before selling it to Infogrames and Midway :p

ThatArtGuy3434d ago

Still changing hands.... AGAIN! LOL

farhsa20083434d ago

i dont care as long as i get to see another MK game

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