TVG Review: inFamous

You have to feel a little sympathy for Cole, the star of Sucker Punch's debut PS3 title. He's little more than a deliveryman sent to deliver a package, which unbeknown to him leads to a cataclysmic explosion that rips through six square blocks of Empire City, levelling everything in its path and obliterating everybody before it. Understandably, the citizens that survived the blast are pissed off and believe he's the main culprit; even worse, his girlfriend's sister died in the blast and she's blaming Cole for it - talk about shooting the messenger.

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Tito Jackson3492d ago

Thats the smell of Great Success.

Christopher3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

How the heck do these determine what a good game is? A game has to be original to be good? They have to meet a certain length of gameplay? Perhaps as a part of the whole, but with their own rating determination?

And what constitutes an original IP? How about the longevity of the game? I can see these being part of deciding the overall gameplay, but to give them their own score seems very strange to me.

Does anyone see a place on their site that explains these ratings? Otherwise, I'm confused as to why they're being used to rate a game on a level equal to graphics, audio, and gameplay other than the site's own way of raising or lowering games they prefer or dislike if they can't justify it in one of the other three, common areas of review.

I'm not trying to vilify their score of inFamous, only trying to understand how the could be seen a 'important' matters in which to rate alongside the other items in order to determine the overall score of the game. And, yes, doing the math they do just average all of the scores (395 point total divided by 5 = 79% = 8/10 when rounded up 1 point).

Sky Zero3492d ago

Open world games tend to be longer then 8hours.

I'm sure it all matters the type of game it is.

RPG's and Open World games usually have some sort of length to them.

8hours is what you'd expect from an FPS not an open world Ps3 exclusive

Christopher3492d ago

But inFamous has ~20-25 hours of gameplay for one play through as either good or evil... Playing both sides of the karma line presenting a point of replayability since the abilities are different as are many of the mission elements depending on your karma.

I know there's enough playability with inFamous for an open world game, my question was in their choice of making it, for all of their reviews, a primary decider on the overall quality of the game.

Look at it this way, Uncharted is a good game but doesn't have the replayability of a game like Resistance 2. While I see the point to dock gameplay for the lack of replayability since the lack of it doesn't overall take away from how good the game is or isn't, do we need to have a score alongside gameplay that provides a full rating to determine this, possibly scoring the game much lower than its graphics, audio, and gamelay have been rated?

mintaro3492d ago

Good score, although this is n4g so I could be mistaken.


table3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

This is strange. I've read reviews stating that there is very little object pop-in and I've read reviews like this one stating that there is alot... who to believe? Besides, even if there is alot of object pop-in games like GTA4 didn't seem to be marked down as a result so why should Infamous. Ah well, it's their opinion and I havn't played the game.

II Necroplasm II3492d ago

YES. Of course it will have some pop-in being an open world game.. but from what I have seen, there isn't much at all and the game looks pretty amazing.

I'm sure these guys gave GTA4 a 10.

raztad3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

You want popins? look not more, all Bethesda games are popins kings, additionally they "boast" the more horrid animation system I have seen in any HD game, not to mention that overall graphics are nothing to brag about. But then Es:Oblivion and Fallout3 got GOTY each one. Nobody noticed "TEH POPINS" just last year. We need to get used that PS3 exclusives games should be perfect in order to get a 8. On the other hand, some multiplats (and some exclusives in other box) got free pass all the way.

The final remark is nothing short of amusing:

" We expected nothing less from the creators of the entertaining Sly Cooper series, and there's little doubt Sucker Punch has delivered with its debut PS3 title. Insanely intense action, a fantastic control setup and decent missions, make for a thoroughly entertaining PS3 exclusive "

And then, *drums roll* 8/10 <------WTF?

Im guessing they gave GTA4 a 10/10. Im yet to play the AWESOME missions in GTA4. Good news today inFAMOUS demo is coming baby.!!