Diablo 3 Confirmation on Sockets?

Diablo 3 Developer (Blizzard) Bashiok answers questions about "Sockets Confirmation" in Diablo III, and Talisman, read more about what Bashiok have replied in a Diablo 3 bluepost.

"Please add a confirmation window when placing an item into something socketable (skills/weapons and armor). I can't count how many times I've wasted good socketable weapons and gear in D2 because I accidentally dragged a crappy rune or gem into them and let go on top of it without thinking about where I was putting it."

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Pennywise3493d ago

ummm... forget sockets. I want confirmation on a release date.

JustinSaneV23493d ago

Apparently you don't know Blizzard very well if you're expecting a release date.

Pennywise3493d ago

Nice to assume, but I know very, very well that it will "be ready when its ready."

winther_3493d ago

Yup.. Aaarh, can't wait for this game! :o