Socom PlayStation Home space is still in development

PS3Hype writes: 'A few months ago, Sony PlayStation Announced a several PlayStation Home spaces, including a Socom Confrontation Home Space. Months after that, we still haven't seen any glimpse from this Home Space. But Sony has confirmed that the space is still in works, and that it will be revealed in the near future!'

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PataponKnight3434d ago

Who wants a home space when we still don't have any DLC or 1.5.

Joni-Ice3434d ago

To be released by E3 because waiting for the game before it came out was a pain. Just to have to wait for each and every patch that was released hoping it will fix Socom just to have to wait for this new patch coming out which again suppose to add new features and fix the game a little more, and having to wait for the HOME space now. Im tired of waiting for Socom. Now Im waiting for inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2. I gave up on Socom a long time ago.

Raoh3434d ago

as a socom fan i was disspointed in this one. its a good game but it took too long to get good and its still missing features that are listed in the booklet and box cover.

also sony needs to get a hold on these HOME spaces. they need to be released within weeks of the game release. months and months after of each other is unacceptable.

winther_3434d ago

If they are creating a home space for SOCOM then please, for the love of God, come up with something interactive like EA space.. Those FarCry and Resident Evil 5 spaces are so damn worthless and boring!

DEADEND3434d ago

This the most disappointing game I have ever bought, Slant 6 has really disappointed me with this game I really hope Zipper will work on a Socom game once their done with MAG.

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