What Square Enix Games Sold Well Last Year?

Siliconera: "Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Dissidia: Final Fantasy were Square Enix's big sellers racking up over two million units sold in Japan alone. In North America its a different story..."

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TheHater3442d ago

I don't see a PS3 game on that list. I wonder why?.....Oh wait Square Enix haven't release a PS3 game this generation. I don't count that cell phone port for Xbox live and the PSN as a game.
I find it very funny that WKC and Star Ocean 4 sold almost the same, but WKC hasn't been release outside of Japan as yet.

40cal3442d ago

Needs to realize that the majority of there games fan base are also PlayStation consumers. They should know this based off of the PSone, PS2, and PSP game sales.

I would have bought Star Ocean 4 for PS3 as I played the others on PS2, but know I don't even care about Star Ocean anymore. And don't tell me to buy a 360, I did, at launch, broke ass POS, never buying another one.

Anyways I will be picking up Final Fantasy XIII, VS. XIII, XIII Agito, Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray and Dissida for PSP. But I think that Square shot themselves in the foot with the western market this gen.

kevnb3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

the games that were released on xbox 360 wouldnt have sold all that well on ps3 either, they were mostly unpolished and more of an experiment. Star Ocean 4 isn't near as good as 3 was, thus it didn't sell as well. WKC sold really well for the ps3 so far, it seems like a really good game though... better than any 360 jrpg thus the good sales. At the end of the day, you have to realize most jrpgs sell 500,000 copies tops, don't fool yourself into thinking the ps2 ones mostly sold better than that... xeno series, final fantasy, dragon quest, a few level 5 games, and random flukes are the only jrpgs to push a million. Anyway, square is still working on the better games, the games they have released would of needed another year or two to be AAA.

40cal3442d ago

Foolish my ass.

I guarantee you that there are more JRPG fans in the PS3 install base than there are in the 360's install base. Anyone who dose not see this is the real fool.

kevnb3442d ago

the numbers show otherwise, its about the same. The only real argument is that the 360 install base isn't that strong in japan... but just look at the sales for a great game like persona 3 or 4 to see how much western playstation owners love jrpgs, lol. I mean it doesnt matter, but stop whining, sqaure hasn't released a polished next gen game yet... these 50 hour games take time you know.

40cal3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

What? The numbers show what exactly? That Square was foolish to put games like Star Ocean on the 360 when the games fan base is OBVOUSLY not there.

And easy there guy, I gave up whining when I was about 8, you know, 20 years ago.

I do agree with you that Square has yet to polish a game for this gen, but it is still silly to alienate your existing fan base, a fan base that has been built over the course of the last 18 years and 2 console generations.

kevnb3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

oh cmon, just because star ocean 3 sold well doesn't mean this was a stupid move. Star Ocean 4 just isn't up to par, it would have sold about the same on ps3. The other Star Ocean titles never sold all that great, personally Id take Valkyria Chronicles, WKC, FF XIII vs, Demons Souls etc... over a subpar entry in the Star Ocean series. Heck the sales for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata on ps3 probably have scared jrpg devs away from the ps3.

40cal3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Oh hells yeah, I would also rather get my hands on Valkyria Chronicles, WKC, FF XIII vs, Demons Souls etc... over this subpar entry in the Star Ocean series.

As for Star Ocean 4 sales being the same on both systems, I agree with you if it came out for both systems, but I really do believe that it would have sold better as a PS3 exclusive. It might not have been by much but another couple hundred or thousand copies is still more.

The sales for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata where poor. Eternal Sonata came out late on the PS3, we know that games that come to the other console later don't do that well. As for Valkyria Chronicles? Most people don't even know this gem is out there unless your talking to people on the internet.

FarEastOrient3442d ago

Seeing how you guys are going at it, let's throw in that White Knight Chronicles, Demon Souls, and Valkyria Chronicles have outsold Star Ocean IV.

It will be interesting to see the sales of Tales of Vesperia (PS3 Version) which is the complete version coming to Japan in a few months. Please note that the PAL version hasn't been released yet too...

FamilyGuy3442d ago

Star Ocean 4, sub-par or not would have sold at least twice as many copies on PS3 had it been released. Even more than that had it been exclusive.
You're fooling yourself if think otherwise. PS3 owners in all regions wanted that game.

"It wasn't as good as SO3"
It wouldn't need to be, a well-known franchise sells well based off name alone as long as it's available to its fan base. Word of mouth does not sway a fan, they will still purchase and judge for themselves.

I'm still hoping it's one of those closed-lips timed exclusives where it will be available on other consoles but it can't be talked about/made known for a period of time.

Sarick3442d ago

They been releasing a lot of there titles on 360 only. They get a lot of income from their online games. One happens to be the 360 version of FFXI, there currently is no PS3 version of this online game. Sony only has the outdated one that is hard to find because most of the hardware and software for the PS2 was discontinued.

Check is link.

On a Side not, I believe this online tile they're making called rapture might be "tied in with the console universe of 13 this gen." Giving fans a reason to proceed further into this universe. That's just an opinion though.

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1233603442d ago

800,000 worldwide for two 360 games by square,not good at all considering the cost of these versus the ds,psp titles selling in excess of both in japan only.i don,t know how much MS spent on them two titles but a loss is incoming big time.

UltimateIdiot9113442d ago

Don't forget how there are 28 million 360 owners out there. I still can't figure out what SE is thinking. Just because there is a large base of owners doesn't mean there is a large amount of audience.

It's like grabbing a 10 lb pie but only 2% is eatable and ignoring the 8 lb pie with 40% of it being eatable.

kevnb3442d ago

with jrpg games not named final fantasy or dragon quest, of course there are random flukes but cmon, do some research.

Erratic3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Wow, trying to appeal to the western market was very ineffective. I can understand that they'd want to try but if they don't make a game in a genre popular in the West, but try to westernize JRPGs, they're bound to fail.

Ouch, 420k for Star Ocean 4... Star Ocean 3 sold 1.2 million in Japan and the US alone, and with the numbers from Europe it'd most likely be closer 1.8 at least. Therefore, it's a safe bet that we're going to get a Ps3 announcement soon, TGS at the latest.

Erratic3442d ago

I just remembered that SO4 has not yet been released in Europe. Still, I'd imagine that even though some parts of SO3 were a huge turn-off (the twist, oh how we love it :/), I can't imagine that ~800k would just give up on the series.

TheHater3442d ago

That "twist" sucked balls. I hate Star Ocean because of that.

UltimateIdiot9113442d ago

I see nothing wrong with appealing to the western market but the problem is that they are appealing to the wrong crowd of western market.

I know many who purchased a PS3 who are waiting for JRPG. There are a lot of PS3 owners out there in the West and many of them are fans of JRPG. I think it's pretty obvious where the money is.
The friends I know who own a 360 don't care about JRPG, in fact one of my friend, refuse to buy anything Japanese. He owns a 360 and zero titles from Japan.

Xephon083442d ago

UltimateIdiot911 said it best
last generation ps2 was where jrpg's were successful and thats where the crowd is in the west. If sqare were to release one game like say star ocean on the ps3 it would most likely outsell all their xbox360 releases combined.

I can't wait to see FFXIII japanese numbers it will probably outsell all 360 stuff worldwide.

I don't mind the multi-plat strategy but leaving your biggest cash cow out of games isn't wise.

kevnb3442d ago

star ocean 3 is the only star ocean game that has sold well, dont pretend otherwise. Take a look at how the other star ocean games sold so far, jrpgs don't sell well for the most part... get over it.

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SpoonyRedMage3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

The Last Remnant could be more successful if they got to Takai to actually port it to the PS3 like it was supposed to be...

EDIT: Glad to see the portable games do well though, they've been much better than the 360 games.

kevnb3442d ago

the last remnant just isnt good enough to sell all that well, 400,000 copies for a game that most consider to be either ok or terrible is great.

SpoonyRedMage3442d ago

Well I personally like the game and I think if they release it on the PS3 they can still get a 100 or more thousand sales.

QSPR3442d ago

WADA is KILLING SE, please can some one kill that clown??

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