Danboru Senki: New Characters & Cut Scenes Revealed

PSPHyper: "The upcoming issue of Weekly Famitsu (click on images for larger view) has a couple of "Scoop" on Level-5's new games, Ninokuni and Danboru Senki. Not much gameplays shown for the latter, just a little refresher on the basic idea of the game and more characters are introduced. Still no specific release date given but since it get shown together with the amazing looking Ninokuni (mag pictures here), I imagine both games will be released not far from each other. Also, Nico Nico users can check out the TGS trailer here..."

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sinncross3493d ago

ohh looking good!

Though I hope it's not limited to 1v1 fights, and I hope there is some form of multi player so you could do a 4 way fight for example.