Starcraft 2 vs. Starcraft 1 - Will It Split The Community Like Counter-Strike Did?

"The release of StarCraft 2 will split the online and competitive community in two. On the one hand, you will have those who can't wait to migrate to Blizzard's latest masterpiece. On the other hand, you will have those who see no reason to change games, and they are perfectly content with the current game. How do I know this will happen?

Because it happened to the Counter-Strike community when Source was released."

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Tito Jackson3494d ago

Im pretty sure the PC community has been waiting for SC2 for a while. People will be excited and it will sell like hotcakes. Hell, Korea televises this as a Sport in their country. Lol.

Even if no one here in the US wants it, I do. Day one for me. Day one. :)

starcraft2fan3494d ago

It will be a day one purchase for me too, and I don't really enjoy competitive gaming, so that side of SC doens't interest me that much.

However, I saw the split in CS (i am on CS 1.6 fence) and that might happen to SC.