Uncharted 2: Tech Analysis

Eurogamer give their Tech Analysis of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Eurogamer writes "Naughty Dog's coding pedigree is pretty much beyond compare, so when the company releases first video of its second generation PlayStation 3 title, it deserves some special coverage. We'll make no bones about it - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is probably my favourite game of this generation. The graphics, the gameplay, the technology, the script, the sense of wonder at every new corner - playing this through over Christmas 2008 remains one of a treasured gaming experience.

And despite the arrival of great-looking games like Gears of War 2 and Killzone 2, Uncharted remains a technical marvel that has still yet to be equalled. Until now. Based on the gameplay footage Naughty Dog released last week, the new sequel shows all the signs of being a true generational leap over its predecessor."

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gdguide3434d ago

Man, those are some bold statements. While I do think Uncharted 1 was the visual champ when it came out, I do think Gears 2 in at least some areas surpassed it. But I can agree that Uncharted 2 now is easily the king, and that it truly is IMO a generational leap from the last game.

TheExecutive3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Some games excel in some areas but fall terribly behind in others. The important thing to consider is the overall package. Nothing in the last few years beats Uncharted in its total package.

Anyway, Uncharted2 will no doubt raise the bar even higher. This game is my leading contender for GOTY. The first was great but this game looks to surpass it in every way.

MNicholas3434d ago

Gears 2 is eye-catching but, like the recently released FFXIII demo, that's almost entirely due to art. Technically, Gears 2, like the FFXIII demo, is nothing special.

Uncharted is a game that truly excels technically. Killzone 2 does as well but trades a tiny bit of visual fidelity (texture, mainly) for much better lighting and unmatched physics. GT5 Prologue kicks all competitors in the teeth by not only doubling car detail but also rendering at much higher resolutions and at a near perfect 60fps.

What differentiates these games is that they use the Cell processor extensively to reduce the load on the GPU and memory system by as much as 50%, essentially doubling graphics performance.

50CALheadshot3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

The ps3 specs are no joke.

I mean, i know we had to endure all the garbage articles stating that the cell is garbage(exclusives>everythi ng), bluray is useless(50gb > 9gb), and xrd is useless(256mb 3.2 GHz.xdr is garbage?)


where are we now? sony keeps pumping out next gen visuals, ms is stuck on unreal engine.

Obviously, Ps3 games continue to outshine....ps3 games. Realistically, there is no other competition at the moment as far as next gen gaming goes.

back in 2006-late 2007, there was a mudslide of articles bashing the ps3s capabilities through comparisons. What happened to all the mud?

Tables have turned.Month after month, ps3 owners are blessed with hollywood productions. The IMMERSIVE feel of the visuals and audio, the meticulously realistic motion capture. ps3 games are on the next level already.

Its SOOOO blatantly obvious, that they dont even compare exclusives of each system anymore.

This is only year 3. that is the most exciting aspect of it. SDK's are only going to get much better than resistance 1,GT5P, heavenly sword, RnC,MGS4,MLB the show,uncharted,R2, killzone. Its pretty obvious, since thats whats been happening

raztad3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

I dont know how those x360 fanclowns at EuroLamer UK managed to bring gears to a discussion about advanced graphical engines and visual powerhouses. Gears is just an outdated game, and cant hold a candle when compared wih U1, let alone KZ2 and now U2.

Moving on, KZ2 engine is just OUT OF THIS WORLD, and yesterday trailer (upcoming DLC) was a very strong reminder. Those effects are just unmatched, and I got serious doubts about U2 reaching KZ2 levels on the technical departament (physics, multiple lighting sources, particles, etc, etc). For sure U2 got awesome texture work, beautiful lighting (single source: SUN), awesome animations, etc indeed U2 is a better LOOKING game than KZ2 but Im not sure it will outdo KZ2 at a technical level.


LOL. So true. I thought the same thing when I was typing it :D.

Tito Jackson3434d ago

as soon as you referenced Uncharted2, by saying U2.....I instantly thought: YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH! I cant freakin stand Bono. Lol.

TheExecutive3434d ago

In all honesty, the reason why the 360 is 'stuck' on the UnrealEngine is because of the developers and not the actual hardware. There are pluses and minuses to both systems. However, from looking at games alone it appears that the PS3 has a few more pluses in the end.

SL1M DADDY3434d ago

The statement to take a closer look at is this:

"the new sequel (Uncharted 2) shows all the signs of being a true generational leap over its predecessor."

In other words, Gears 2 was more like Gears 1.5. It was good but not a true generational leap over the first Gears. Uncharted 2 looks twice as good as the original making it a true generation leap over it's predecessor.

50CALheadshot3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

well in my thought process, that doesnt register.


1: 360 had a 1 year head start. Therefore, PS3 SHOULD NOT have the visual advantage that it does(according to fanboys and the media from 2006-2007).

2: (The age old argument between fanboys) MONEY. Why doesnt ms just make an exclusive from the ground up that will show all the polygon pushing power of the 360? (halo3 and gow2 were supposed to be that game, neither top UNCHARTED).They certainly have the money to do it, NO?

@RAZTAD:"For sure U2 got awesome texture work, beautiful lighting (single source: SUN), awesome animations, etc indeed U2 is a better LOOKING game than KZ2 but Im not sure it will outdo KZ2 at a technical level."

It probably wont outdo kz2, but im sure it will have levels that will have you rethinking that opinion.
Even if u2 doesnt dethrone kz2, there are other ps3 exclusives coming up that WILL.

CaseyRyback_CPO3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

you cant compare a ground up engine to Unreal. Its just not valid, unreal is old, its dated, and thats why the games all look the exact shiny normal map same.

Uncharted's engine is literally doing things that the Unreal engine cant-isn't allowed to do at the moment. That ends it right there. It also ends it if you have eyes. Just take a still from gears, close up to a character. Do the same for uncharted.

Create a ground up engine for the 360, and we will see what it might be able to do. But as it looks, MS cares more about churning games out, than the ultimate technological push of gaming experiences.

Its insulting to Naughty dog im sure to see their hard work on their new engine with new tech compared to the off the shelf unreal engine, when is the last time the unreal engine created anything close to Uncharted1? Can someone remind me? 720p streaming world, with amazing detail everywhere, lighting, animation, dynamics, particles, textures water.. i mean uncharted had it all. What 1 game had all that goign for it, not "buh buh if you zoom in on this 1 corner" no, the entire package.

Christopher3434d ago

Gears 2 looked good in some areas, but technologically speaking in regards to the use of lighting, texturing, alpha-transparent overlay, and the such, Uncharted is still top dog out there. Killzone 2 did go a bit further with lighting particle effects, but overall it faltered to push forward with the other tools.

There's a difference between what we think looks better and which one is more technically advanced in the visual department.

Torch3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Nice post...bubbles.

As much flack as the Unreal engine gets, you've gotta give it some some credit for being the foundation for some very memorable, enjoyable, visually-appealing, and successful games throughout the years.

I think the biggest problem with it is that because it's so popular and widely-used, people are just looking for something different. It's a bit of a paradox, I think: Because the Unreal engine was once (long ago) such an amazing, flexible engine, it's been so over-applied for such a long time, that it's now generally frowned-upon every time it now rears it's infamous head.

But to say that it's "crap" is an unfair and inaccurate statement.

Comparing the Unreal to Uncharted engine is like comparing an out-of-the-box stereo system or assembly-built PC to those which are custom-built and assembled. Although the out-of-the-boxes may suffice to satisfy the masses, they're no match in quality and performance when compared to carefully-and-thoughtfully selected and composed components suited to serve a specific purpose.

But remember that you'll be enjoying it at a premium price and for more specific - perhaps even limited - purposes.

madpuppy3434d ago

The Next generation really does start when Sony says it does.


ultimolu3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Cannot wait for this game.

Sony's showing everyone how it's done and proving the naysayers wrong.

50CALheadshot3434d ago

It's funny you mention that. Wasn't it playstation's "Father" that actually said it?

....he actually said several things that are true. Years ago, he made Several HUGE statements. MOst of which, have become FACTS in present times.

Shadow Flare3434d ago

i see people say uncharted
i see people say gears of war
i post this:


DarkAzureIIIX3434d ago

Thank you I about to do the same

irish-leprecaun3434d ago

how there u insult bono as he is from only 20mins drive from my house!!

aaron58293434d ago

I bought Uncharted day 1, back in what.. 2007 ?

1 and half years later, still no games beat it graphically in my opinion. Not even KZ2.

I understand, technically, KZ2 has a lot going on, but in terms of art style, colours etc... overall package, NOTHING beats Uncharted.

And Uncharted 2 even got better.

There should be a defination for Naughty Dog in the dictionary.

Naughty Dog - Genius Coders


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peeps3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

i think it's nice to see such a big step up from the previous game. When a dev team has a game that looks as good as the first uncharted does, i imagine it's hard to want to really put in the effort to improve the visuals. Looks like ND are really hoping to raise the bar yet again however.

It's also a really interesting read to understand some of the technical bits of info

Why o why3434d ago

sony dev infighting and we're the beneficiaries. It pays to have devs pushing, helping and inspiring one another....whats to hate apart from not having this type of infrastructure of course;)

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maverick11913434d ago

leave him be hes playing no games on his xbox all gears 2 is there best game and that was out a year ago and theres no new games out now that graphically better than it U1 and U2 own all 360 games out bad times to own a 360 tbh

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