Heather Mills In Bionic Commando Conflict

Sir Paul McCartney's ex contacted the publisher offering to promote the game, and demanded a six-figure fee and also suggested that a character based on her should star in the game. The producers, having finished the game, were apparently not keen and called the deal off.

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Leord3493d ago

Lol, that is just so funny. Next she'll ask for a grappling hook arm!

ravinash3493d ago

In her case it would be a leg.

saggyscrote3493d ago

Paul mccartney was asked by a journalist, will you ever go down on one knee again? paul replied, i would prefer if you call her heather!

Elimin83493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

My oh my. Not only is the game done but is a remake to an original, why oh why would they redo it after spending so much time maybe yrs making it... DUMB broad. I tell you the nerve of some people...

shocky163493d ago

Good one dude, I ****ing lol'd.

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kerriganss3493d ago

hmmz, she is just INSANE

thetamer3493d ago

I reckon she'd have wanted to make the game about a bionic leg...

AndyA3493d ago

A bionic leg which divorces old men.

thewhoopimen3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I can totally imagine Heather Mills upside down, swinging from place to place with her bionic leg, hair hanging down, flinging about, as she fights the ex-husband baddies in Bionic commando 2, screaming "you owe me alimony bastards!" .... Disturbing...

Scaramunga3493d ago

She could have a machine gun leg like the chick from grindhouse. hahaha

Fyzzu3493d ago

Ahaha what? This can't be true.

Redrudy3493d ago

Silly story. The press talk a load of crap sometimes, especially when it comes to someone who is clearly unhinged.

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The story is too old to be commented.