Cue Online Starts Open Beta

IncGamers reports that the free online pool simulation game, Cue Online, has entered the open beta phase.

Players can now download the client and begin playing against others in games of eight-Ball, nine-Ball, 14-1, snooker and billiards. Choose from one of five avatars, then build up experience points and gold by winning matches.

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Dorjan3470d ago

Go down your local snooker club if you want to play this!

(Unless it's midnight, then go to bed!)


Redrudy3470d ago

You could say that with any sport title, not that I consider pool/snooker sport.

Leord3470d ago

Ah, bummer, when it said "pool" I thought it was a swimming pool :P

Maticus3470d ago

Just need a nice cold pint to drink while I'm playing it and I'd feel right at home :)

Leord3470d ago

Never really played pool :P

Perhaps the video game will get me inspired in this "sport" :)

Maticus3470d ago

You've never played Pool....?

I pity you my friend.

AndyA3470d ago

Never really seen the appeal of snooker/pool games. Just go to the pub.

SCFreelancer3470d ago

I agree with that statement if you want to play "the real thing". However, these games on themselves can be quite allot of fun as well.

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